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  • tianyiinvest2013 tianyiinvest2013 Jan 30, 2014 1:50 PM Flag

    hey guys, where is the ADRs issue?

    It's gone now? Isn't that too fast?

    Or, it's actually a non issue from the beginning?

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    • one final point: I use options to protect your position or just use straight options (puts and calls) to remove the directional swing risk and profit from it. The volatility is so good in these names for call writing. You told me before you wanted the far out calls in QIHU. I am buying the calls prior to earnings as always. Buying them out $10 or so..

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    • Tiany I think the real issue in these stocks is the China economy in the near-term with headline risk. As I have been messaging on, China and the US will come to some agreement because if China wants to continue raising cash in the US then it will have to conform to the US regulations ( to some degree). So every time someone whispers China ADR's/SEC then these stocks will get hit (good for a buy on the dip). Long-term, interest search/travel will only benefit from a weaker Chinese economy. We can look to the US for this trend. People use the internet more in a recession (US) or slowdown (China) as they wish to save money/look for deals. We can see the impact here in the US - retail was decimated and continues to get worse everyday. Consumers look to AMZN and other venues increases GOOG's add revenues. Look at travel sites like PCLN. People still travel here but look for the best deal. With China coming online with travel like QUNR, you can see the real winners in the internet space. In a growing pie, as long as you choice best of breed, I can't see how these stocks won't continue their march higher. Yes in the beginning, as headline news of China's economy slowing down, ADR's will pullback. As these companies continue to grow and increase AD revenues, they will rise. The trajectory is up... as long as we don't experience the negative Chinese fraud talk we got a few years back that killed these ADR's for a long time...

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