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  • burgerland2081 burgerland2081 Aug 1, 2008 9:33 AM Flag

    Didn't hold 50 dma - really bad.

    - Yesterday close price , keep over MA50 in Pesos

    In pesos SQM double bottom at $ 18300 , (ADR 35,10 36,56) from where run furiously to the upper range $ 22.000, twice , for the momment had not break this point, so we are basicly in a 20% trading range , MACD turn to bull , but have not enter it yet , RSI above 50 now , (1 year RSI up trend keep intact) so I belive we need extra days or weeks to realise where this trend its finally end (UP or down) ,

    But what if price break down above trade channel....

    The controlers (Ponce and POT) bought large ammounts between
    US$ 32 and US$ 34 mainly to financial institucions and other long term holders . so I belive a "big dog fight" could be seems at this levels . for the momments it seems the "market" avoid to "touch" this "kind" of "Holy" price level .... could be near...... but dont touch it......


27.10Sep 28 4:02 PMEDT