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  • lilliebelle3 lilliebelle3 Aug 7, 2008 6:04 PM Flag


    You know trader, you are an obnoxious being. Most would tell me to not pay attention to you. But alas, I have a degree in Bichology, so for me it´s fun, in other words you and others like you make my day. Why are you stil on this board????? You think this stock is a PIG, but yet you post. Are you some sick arse freak of nature that had nothing better do do. You know you are full of mierda, lonely arse pricko.

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    • I admit to being a novice at stock message boards, but I've been investing for quite awhile - and what has shocked me about this board is that no one wants to discuss anything. The longs all just want to pat each other and the back and make up ridiculous price targets.

      You think they would want to broaden their view of the company, and get other viewpoints to support their own. Or determine if their investment thesis still makes sense. Instead, the just tribute every negative to "the shorties." You know people, you can change your mind - you don’t have to be long or short. It’s not a marriage, trade the stock.

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      • absolutely terrific post rob. you are 300% correct. and it is not just in this message board, every one i've been to on yahoo is just like you said. longs pat each other on the back and if you bring up a negative you are a "shortie". any down day the stock has is due to manipulation and hedge fund shorties. maybe we should find a different board where people are generally interested in advancing their knowledge.(as i am)

    • i am still on this board because i am still short... and yes, at this price i think it is still too high... the company itself is a good company, it is simply that the stock price is pricing in earnings 7 years out... so it has gotten ahead of itself. if this stock cracks far enough, i will flip to the long side, i have no idea if it will go down far enough for me to get long, but all i know at this moment is that there is a heck of a lot of weak hands who are still long this from higher prices who have no given up yet. until that happens, this stock won't rally.

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      • forgot to mention that the stock is in a downtrend - keeps making lower highs and lower lows. Not good. Until that trend breaks to the upside, there is absolutely no reason to go long.

        Regarding the cheerleaders, please just get your facts straight. You have one guy who posts nonstop and makes up technicals about moving avgs, etc. and you all believe him. A rational viewpoint comes along and you shoot it down. There is some good info here, so open up your minds and listen. Don't assume everyone with an opposite viewpoint is a "bashing shortie"

      • Now see, when you make reasonable posts like this people don´t hate you. Just be nice , like you were just now and we will listen to you, don´t get nasty with us.

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