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  • dbergh1 dbergh1 Aug 11, 2008 9:18 AM Flag


    Heard this on the radio and asked a friend that is a farmer.
    Farming is a 2 year cycle first year they are caught off grad with
    not enough of the crop that is in demand.

    The second year
    they have enough so the price goes down cause of over supply.
    This could explain the reason of the drop in the AG stocks.

    But now the difference in growing cycles be twin the Northern & Southern
    Hemispheres the north is slowing and the south is picking up.

    Just a thought
    I'm not saying to SELL OR BUY

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    • dberg,
      My husband has a dairy farm in El Salvador, the milk is sold to a Dairy Co-Op. My husband is a director at the Dairy Company and he has not made anything off his Cows since early last year. The problem is with prices of importing feed for the Cows, who eat like COWS (LOL), that would be soybeans, corn, snd others things. But it also involves fertilzers and pesticides which every farmer needs. There are people here trying to sell their farms because that is all they have and they may gave as many as 5 farms or more. Thank God, my husband has other things on the side, such as the Pres. and CEO of a Sugar Mill here(again commodities). If we raise the price too much on the products, such as milk, cheese etc. the people will not buy it at the supermarket. They will just do without it or buy powdered milk. Same thing happened here with Wheat prices, people stopped eating so much bread and cereal and eat more local tortillas.

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