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  • reikreik reikreik Apr 27, 2012 10:36 AM Flag


    To buy mtge at 23 instead of 22 i guess

    how collusive i mean convenient.


    im short now

    hope they dont go threshhold call in shorts scam on me - but probably.

    just short 3k

    how stupid

    simon says put your hands up.

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    • Hey Foxy ...

      Glad you're out of FTR. I had 2,500 shares at $4.24, but sold quickly on the dead cat bounce at $4.60 a couple of month's ago. It's at $4.04 this morning. That stock still could double in six months, but it is too risky for me. Cheers.

    • Yeah Doc, they seem to all do it. I think AGNC does it the least. There seems to be REAL demand for each and every spo there. Until the smaller companies with less shares on the market truly prove themselves, as has AGNC, we will continus to see this "scam" with the others, as the Reikster likes to put it. The "bottleneck" that you were so kind to illustrate with MTGE the other day is now present in AMTG, imo. Once the spo shares are completely sold, it too will "pass through", and better upward movement will be realized. I think AMTG is "on sale" just as MTGE was just a couple of weeks ago. I like all three(AGNC,MTGE,AMTG), and think the time is right for the REIT sector as a whole. With MTGE and AMTG, I think because of their relative few shares on the market,and their relatively low price compared to their last ex-date pps's, there is a chance for a higher percentage increase in their respective pps's. With AGNC, its past performance and the reputation that past performance has brought has allowed AGNC to prove to be the most "in demand" of all the REITs. I sold my "trading shares" in AGNG this quarter to buy MTGE. My only regret is that I should have sold a loser stock instead(FTR!) and kept AGNC. I was betting on a mid-cycle correction that has yet to materialize(and probably won't?). I finally did sell the loser(FTR!) though, and with that cash I bought AMTG. Sometimes one ruins the sauce by trying to spice it up too muce. As long as I do not have to put that sauce on "crow" this quarter then the meal will still be most enjoyable. Go AGNG, MTGE, AMTG! FOXY

    • Go back a few months (pre-January) and look at MTGE's volume. Same thing.

      You made the comment earlier that no one is interested in trading this. There is plenty of volume, it has tradable size at the bid and ask and its spread is one cent throughout the day. There is plenty of liquidity to trade it.

      The point of the trade was that it is similar to MTGE and other mReits. They SPO, shares get hit and muddle around while the SPO is absorbed, then they move higher.

      The mReit evironment is good right now so your odds for a move higher in AMTG is decent right now.

      By the way, I agree with you that the SPO didn't get absorbed in the first several days. Same thing happened at STWD when they SPO'd on the same evening. They have also moved higher and are at pre-SPO prices already.

    • Hi Foxy,

      Have you considered why the volume and where does it come from? Look back a few months and you will see a lot of 50,000-85,000 days. What accounts for 2+ million? Why weren't the shares from the SPO consumed on the SPO, if there is this big presumed public attraction?

      AMTG management and their clearing bankers can shuffle tons of un allotted shares back and forth and make that volume appear astronomical. They can also keep the PPS propped up by controlling over selling this way. Orderly distribution until the shares mainstream to the public. Same way with AGNC and MTGE. They all drip the shares, holding the PPS down then it's time for another SPO. Pretty clever. All we ever see is the increased or steady volume and become "believers".

      I'm not saying anything bad about AMTG, they all do it. I just wouldn't think they've been discovered with the increased volume...;-)


    • --- MTGE today 259,ooo shares traded; AMTG today 2,400,000 shares traded--- AMTG traded more than 9x as many shares today than MTGE in today's session.

    • Sure that there are buyers, but dont forget that guys with 12 million shares are in control of prices. Once they run out you will se realistic price. I dont have anything against AMTG but I like MTGE . JMO

    • And who are they dripping the shares to?

      Uninterested buyers?

    • Volume is a drip by brokerage houses that have 12 million shares to sell. Once that is over you will see realistic trading.

    • "What does that mean? It means that there is no one interested in trading."

      There is plenty of interest in trading AMTG. Daily volume in the stock is running about twice that of MTGE recently. And, yes, I know there is increased interest because of the recent SPO but that is part of the point of the trade.

    • That's funny.
      I like the TGE chart and in my favorite sector. A typo leads to a lead. I have a hypothesis on that. Something about being plugged in. Life is a total gas. No wonder why folks kling to it.

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