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  • reit_freak reit_freak Sep 17, 2012 4:58 PM Flag

    RR and JT I did not mean to send u into hiding

    Uncanny timing on your post announcing the "reversal" of your oil position "this am" the minutes right after oil prices plunged this afternoon! Do you really think the guys you're harassing with these posts are going to miss that incredible coincidence? Good luck!

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    • LOL. I guess I'm not the only one who thought that to be oddly coincidental.
      He posted after the oil drop that he sold before it.
      It's amazing how many times I see that happen, where someone brags about their holdings, it drops, and lo and behold- they sold just before the drop.

      Too, too funny!

      ...You lost the rest of your credibility on that there lenlok ole pal.
      Maybe I was right to take you off of my ignore list, just to see what everyone is laughing at.
      Now THAT was good timing.

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      • Foxy, I really do need to stop letting my jerk reflex get the best of me on these message boards, don't you think?

        Len, I am not "JT" - I'm just a fairly regular visitor to the MTGE board. While I am occasionally able to glean an occasional nugget of relevant MTGE/market perspective here, it seems the ongoing sniping and one-upmanship between the more antagonistic inhabitants here seems to be the far greater emphasis. That's a shame, because you guys are obviously knowledgeable and experienced in the market, and if you could bring yourselves to respect - if not necessarily agree with - each other's perspectives, the board would be much better for it. I find the discourse on the AGNC board to be far more collaborative, respectful, and valuable, and the folks there are generally able to disagree and offer reasoned arguments without resorting to over-the-top verbal combat.

        As for your oil trade, Len - no, any setback you may experience in your trading/investment efforts would certainly not make me "feel better". I wish you all the best success in your efforts. My #$%$ detector just pegged when I noticed the dubious timing of your post, and I fired off the quick post. IF I erred in my conclusion, please accept my apology for questioning your integrity.

      • foxy u revealed ur stupidity again. oil stocks really did not drop that much today, infact less than the overall market. RDSA and COP were up and CVX down a miniscule 0.09% and XOM 0.42%.
        On average down about 0.10%. Thats hardly disastrous specially when they gained far more since conversion. Sorry to prick ur balloon.

    • Oh JT u r so recognizable despite changing ur moniker to reit freak. And do u feel "harassed"? Sorry if u do.

      The reason I changed this am was after listening to the Sunday NBC interview of Netanyahu and the statements of Defense Sec Panetta and earlier statements of Hillary and Obama it was clear that enormous pressure had been brought upon Netanyahu and Ehud Barak not to intervene in the US election by any attack on Iran in October. As i have stated elsewhere that single possibility was why I converted to oil/energy. Besides the recent ME unrest is also dying down.
      I still have my original oil /energy holdings which r fairly substantial (more than twice my mreit holdings actually). So to make u feel better I did lose on my original holdings today. Feel better?

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