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  • instantwinbutton instantwinbutton Jan 4, 2013 8:35 PM Flag

    New portfolio holdings.

    Symbol Qty
    ACAS 300
    AGNC 200
    AI 200
    AINV 500
    AMTG 250
    ANH 1000
    ARI 250
    ARR 1000
    AT 500
    BDCL 250
    BKCC 500
    BWP 150
    CIM 1000
    CLMT 100
    CMO 500
    CYS 500
    DVYL 200
    DX 500
    EEP 100
    EFC 250
    ETP 100
    FDUS 250
    FSC 500
    FTR 1000
    FULL 1000
    GAIN 500
    GLAD 1000
    GOOD 250
    HTGC 300
    HTS 250
    IVR 250
    JE 1000
    JMI 500
    KCAP 500
    LGCY 200
    LINE 100
    LRE 300
    MCC 500
    MCGC 500
    MFA 500
    MITT 250
    MLPL 100
    MTGE 250
    NCT 400
    NLY 500
    NRF 400
    NYMT 1000
    PFLT 250
    PGH 500
    PMT 200
    PNNT 500
    PSE 200
    PSEC 500
    QRE 500
    RSO 1000
    SLRC 200
    TCAP 100
    TCPC 500
    TCRD 300
    TICC 500
    TWO 500
    VNR 250
    WIN 500
    WMC 300
    WSR 400

    Long = $344,744.98*

    $173,740.76 left in cash for new buys. (Lifestyle funding account via dividends)

    I am also still waiting to load up on MTGE if we can get below my previous sell average of $24.42, (hoping to buy in the $23's, for my trading account.)

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    • kidshelleen51 Jan 6, 2013 12:10 PM Flag

      Congratulations, you've just become a mutual fund. You'll find it very difficult to hit home runs but perhaps you'll be content with being average? When I first got into MREITs I owned 6 or 7 different ones.Over time they sorted themselves out, I loaded up on a couple and was rewarded handsomely when, for example, WMC raised its div. Same in the BDC arena. It's nice to have many thousands of shares when a PSEC bumps it's div almost 10%. One day when you have some confidence in your abilities perhaps you'll grow a pair and go all in on just a few companies you believe in.

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      • Kid says " perhaps you'll grow a pair and go all in on just a few companies you believe in."

        Question is with how much? With most of one's money?
        IMHO, most lose with such a strategy, just a few win unless one has inside info. But many more have the illusion/delusion that they can.
        Why? Coz the stock market is not a casino. The stock prices at a given time represent the best estimate at that time and its very difficult to CONSISTENTLY estimate better.
        As a wise man said "it is not timing but time in the market that pays."
        I know of no one who made serious money fast by speculating on just a very few stocks.
        But i have personal knowledge of making a "bundle" over time.

      • Thanks for the respond kid. Hope you don't mind me calling you that seeing as that is your name. I have half my assets in one account and half in another. One is my trading account and the other is designed to provide significant income to fund my lifestyle needs. There is a lil more than 500k in each. My trading account was short the agnc 29 puts for 0.16 on 175 contracts. Those have since been covered and now that account is completely in cash. I will buy aggressively mtge if we drop below $24 come debt ceiling.

    • I'm curious what you think of NTI

      Sentiment: Buy

    • So you have new portfolio holdings but just before that you put $500k of your nearly $520k total portfolio into mtge (20k shares you stated) - that seems quite strange and very risky (not withstanding it made you money which is after the fact) - why would you risk nearly all your capital on 1 single stock at the time and they come back to the board to tell us you have put your money into 30 or 50 stocks with about 5 to 20k in each of them.

      seems odd

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      • Portfolio size will be at least 76 now come Monday. I have 2 accounts. one for my larger short term trades (thus the mtge buys) and another for dividends and income for the long term. I have nearly 1.1 million assets. This is a new development, before I just traded short term with the full 1.1 million. I started with 72,000 back in jan 2008.

      • Amazin'.
        RR wrote a grammatical, understandable post. Must be back on his meds.
        He poses a good question even tho insta may have more than what RR assumes otherwise it would indeed be a risky move.
        But as i recall his dad is loaded so he can take these risks. I also did not know he was only 26 and a full time trader. At that age i knew practically zero about stocks and was just starting out on my professional career and completely absorbed by it (other than girls).
        What really helped me were the 80s and 90s. Doubt if those 2 type of decades are coming back anytime soon...if ever.
        Sadly for us Americans we have become an occupied country careening from one self destructive war/conflict to another.

      • Way too many companies for me to research and follow. Within the mREIT sector, for example, I pick three or four that I feel are the best managed. Personally, I'd stick with hybrid mREITs.

    • I have these orders in the computer to buy... for the lifestyle funding account...

      Status Action Quantity Symbol Type Price Act. Price Time-in-Force Reported
      Open Buy 100 AMID Limit Stop Market Stop Limit Market Limit 16.23 -- 05/03/13 --
      Order No. 9310839108 American Midstream Partne... High: 16.3663 Low: 15.70 Entered:17:34:16 01/04/13 Reuse

      Open Buy 150 FGP Limit Stop Market Stop Limit Market Limit 17.75 -- 05/03/13 --
      Order No. 9310837108 Ferrellgas Partners L.p. ... High: 17.92 Low: 17.72 Entered:17:26:44 01/04/13 Reuse

      Open Buy 100 NRP Limit Stop Market Stop Limit Market Limit 20.59 -- 05/03/13 --
      Order No. 9310836224 Natural Resource Partners... High: 20.77 Low: 20.01 Entered:17:23:22 01/04/13 Reuse

      Open Buy 200 MILL-C Limit Stop Market Stop Limit Market Limit 22.25 -- 05/03/13 --
      Order No. 9310833117 Miller Energy Res Inc 10.... High: 22.25 Low: 22.13 Entered:17:13:18 01/04/13 Reuse

      Open Buy 150 RNO Limit Stop Market Stop Limit Market Limit 14.71 -- 05/03/13 --
      Order No. 9310828179 Rhino Resource Partners L... High: 14.71 Low: 14.32 Entered:16:57:02 01/04/13 Reuse

      Open Buy 200 GRH-C Limit Stop Market Stop Limit Market Limit 19.00 -- 05/03/13 --

    • I divided my assets into 2 accounts. One for funding my lifestyle and another for funding my trading activities. (Just saying to avoid confusion)

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