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  • reikreik reikreik Jan 6, 2013 7:39 PM Flag


    So you cant see when he quickly said he had 520k then 1.1mil - nothing changed.

    first he showed a portfolio of about 370k in an account of $520k - these are his words.

    when asked why he had it all in mtge 1 week earlier - betting it all on one stock - then he switched into 30 to 50 stocks a week later - not very prudent to be all in 1 stock

    his answer - i have another account for trading and it is also $550k or so and so he has $1.1mil

    okay i wont dispute it but will highlight he again proves nothing about his lack of risky stupidity.

    2 accts.

    $550k - portfolio acct as he calls it- spread out - wont say good bets or bad bets but he is spread out and has about $5 to 15k bets on

    $550k - trading account - what changed - nothing - he still had his entire trading acct on 1 bet $500k of mtge - and he put it all on quickly - so you just bet it all on 1 stock and thats good trading or good investing?????????????????????????????

    not to me it isnt - so while he attempted to quickly skirt that he had it all on mtge bysaying - oh hey i have another $550k - guess he thought he got away with more bs - but nothing changed he bet his whole trading acct on 1 bet in literally one move - wow very prudent - he made $8k but hey - no risk there -
    anyone see how even if its not bull about his accounts - he still was quite stupid and not prudent.

    keep up the stupid trading.

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