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  • lenloc lenloc Jan 7, 2013 12:44 PM Flag

    As usual caught red handed..

    in a lie.
    RR says he started trading in Oct 2001 after 9/11.
    But insta clearly gives date and even TIME of RR post as Mar 19, 2000 8:59 PM.
    when he was only buying "dogs" and calling em low risk.
    Didn't pick a single decent stock.
    Go away u r totally discredited.

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    • i was in school dabbling with no clue you idiot.

      is that what you call trading

      i had long puts when i was in middle school just before the 87 crash - about $300 bucks worth and i made nothing cause they expired on friday and the big down day was the friday after

      i had no clue then - so was i trading then idiot?

      i started trading for greatpoint/tower hill in oct 2001 - thats when my trading began.

      but if you want to count my 300 bucks in long puts as a little boy then i was trading then and lost it all - ha ha all 300 bucks - so i went and mowed a few lawns back then since i didnt know how to find spanish treasure back then.


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      • U repeatedly challenged insta for not posting and hiding date of your March 2000 post when he did not. Why? That post shows how very active u were trading stocks and picking only the dogs and calling them safe or stable.
        You were obviously in college studying philosophy and drinking beer. But u conveniently forget that, foolishly not realizing that ur very long and quite detailed post was dated march 2000 and lie brazenly that u only started trading when market hit a huge low after 9/11.
        How convenient! But u were a very active trader in march 2000 picking dogs EXCLUSIVELY. Not a single decent stock. Ha ha ha...
        insta really caught u there did he not?

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