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  • reikreik reikreik Mar 16, 2013 4:34 PM Flag


    Or any other stocks and tries to be consistent and rational - thats what the board needs - not saying he is right or wrong - in this case - short big two and will keep shorting

    two doesnt own agency paper with platinum warrants - they are similar to others and they are being scammed up - too many people think that just because a stock or the market gets scammed up that its okay - but cry when the scams takes place to the downside

    if two has this or that and its good and in this case too good - then others should also be just as good but not yet reflected in their stock price

    find the value and sell the value and there should be more public outcry saying there is value and what is all bs - to squash the nonsense.

    two goes up and not one analyst will downgrade it based on valuation - so 12% higher what 2 to 3 weeks is normal???

    banks running up 30 to 40% in 3 to 4 weeks and nothing is said

    companies should defend their stock prices to the downside and the upside - work more to get rid of the excess volatility that just isnt real and doesnt reflect the stock.

    so ignore if you want - but everyone saw mtge literally trade in 1 penny maybe 2 penny range for nearly 90% of the day for 3 straight days - so literally 4 to 5mil shares changed hands in a 1 penny spread?????? thats not odd - and if you tried to offer you got odd lotted -

    when the daily lottery number has the number 9 in it 100 straight days you too will say something is odd -

    ignore away - i have my money where my mouth is. i was odd lotted 48 times in 3 days on the offer in mtge - not legal - but apparrently allowed - ask yourself why???

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