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  • faaqcee faaqcee Apr 26, 2013 8:27 PM Flag

    OT: NCT

    What the heck Sleger,
    let's give NCT her own thread.

    I was going to up my NCT holdings in my ira after the REIT div. payments recieved today.
    I was also going to sell one of my losers so far SLT, to pad the buy.
    But with NCT up today 2.4% and SLT down 2.4%, it might be wise to wait, maybe until after the split.
    I'm on the fence.
    There's nothing to say that sometime next week the same thing will happen.
    I thought SLT was going to go somewhere, with India supposingly pegged to be the third largest economy in the world's future.
    Ain't happen'n yet. :(
    So for me to take already written off (in my head) monies and invest them in a company splitting in two,
    retaining shares in the existing company and attaining some in the new one,
    at what may be a one for one ratio.
    I like it.
    It's just a shame it wasn't yesterday,
    or even last week when NCT was under 10.
    With my limited funds and an 80$ broker fee, I thought it would be prudent to wait.
    What do you(all) think?
    Good luck,

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    • It is always good to rotate out of a loser into something that has a probable move up.
      I suspect you look at it this way. If I am holding a stagnant or declining fool that owes me money I might sit on it for months or years waiting. Or I could shift what is left over to something I know is about to move, flip that deal and then buy the original loser shares back, if I am attached to them that much. In the meantime I made a gain. If the loser moves up in the tween, big deal, the new guy moved up too.

    • I bought another ten contracts right after the announcement induced spike. January 10calls for 1.65. I will close out 75% up to the eve of split and retain the rest to jan opex out of curiosity. I posted over at NCT that I hoped the price would stay low for another two weeks until my other plays matured, they all hated the idea. Now I am deep into my margin limit waiting like a cat outside a mousehole... in a house on a faultline... [ok I'll pile on here] with a brush fire closing in, and a g'boy barking his fool head off.

      What do I think?
      I think 80 to your broker is robbery on their part. For two of those fees you can move the whole account and the receiver will often pay the transfer. I delayed moving both our IRAs because I did not want to be out of the market during the process. But man, it is liberty now.

      I stocked up on UAN in my wife's IRA two weeks ago with matching calls to double the gain.They tripled their divy tonight. nice run coming with an earnings boost. I would say if you can pick it up for under 27, do it. Might have to be pre market.
      Are we having fun yet?

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      • Big pop with NCT this morning...UP .40 so far today(+3.56%).
        Again, I didn't do what I wanted/planned to.
        I do have some, but shoulda.....
        at least picked up some for a short-term play in my trading account.

        I'm also looking at EARN.
        It reminds me of MTGE in the early days.
        With some good management and a dividend established,
        so why wouldn't EARN trade at 22 along with the next tier companies: WMC, AMTG...etc.
        The first dividend with REITs seems to be much lower than their subsequent ones,
        and their pps seems to drop then much lower than the dividend amount.

        so,imo, one may be able to wait a tad for EARN to catch on(fire?),
        making a buy at this price a more speculative one.
        I have a standing order in for EARN at 18.72 and am willing to wait.

        I remember when MTGE first arrived on the scene.
        Hardly anyone over at the AGNC board would even answer my posts(ignoring me?) about them,
        of course since not much was known and probably most posters did not want to "crystalball" it.
        MTGE's pps dropped below its ipo price after their initial "partial" dividend all the way under 16,
        but I waited almost until 20 to make my first buy.

        Since MTGE's management was more familiar to me,
        the buy at the ipo and lower should have been automatic.
        With EARN, not so much, yet.

        Good luck,

      • Hey Luke,

        Why the jazz over UAN? They are simply returning to a similar dividend of prior quarters before their last weak quarter. They are surely not tripling their dividend, historically speaking. You had me believing from your post that they had reported earnings, but that does not happen until May 1st.

        Prior runs from 10 trading days out to EX have added .35/share on average with some pretty big losers. Is this something to shout about? Sorry, maybe we will add a dollar, which would be good, but the odds are not as great as you had me thinking. You did make me blink though....;-)


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