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  • gelliff12 gelliff12 Oct 30, 2004 2:19 AM Flag

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    Hi all. I'm a loooong time lurker, short time holder. Have always enjoyed poppleup's pumps, but was always concerned about this board's lightness on anaysis, so enjoyed your post. Seems like there have been 15-20 posts at earnings/announcement times, then just "my store was full of shoppers"/"dump this dog" posts until the next earning release. Like many, I bought because my wife bought... and bought... at CWTR. And CWTR's charts for the last 18 months certainly look strong. But I don't understand a couple of things... to say the very least. But what's immediately on my mind is:
    1) why did they run a 50% off sale of EVERYTHING in their on-line catalog this week... not summer items, EVERYTHING. And this is the start of the XMAS shopping season!!! Are they trying to pump for the current Q?
    2) Even though profits per catelog shipped increased, was the saving in cost of catelogs NOT shiped greater than the profits missed? As I recall (and my recollect ain't as good as it once was) catelog sales were down, but don't remember a figure on catelog profits.
    Anyhow, glad to be on board. (8->)

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