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  • peak_flyer peak_flyer Feb 1, 2005 12:39 AM Flag

    working @ CWTR

    Anyone have any thoughts about working at the corporate office? Any current/former employees wanting to post on this? I am considering applying for a technical position. Seems like a good company and good stock. Was wondering about the work environment, corporate culture, and living in Sandpoint.

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    • I didn't work there but my wife did. She liked working there, generally. They take good care of their people. They expect hard work and long hours, but compensate accordingly. Only caution I would have is that they tend to hire/promote young middle-management so middle management leans toward strong technical skills but weak managerial skills.

      As for living in Sandopoint, we and our elementary-aged kids loved it. If we were independantly wealthy, that's were we'd live. If you're into outdoor recrecation, its THE place to be. Wonderful small community atmosphere with Spokane less than 2 hours away. I understand, though, that housing costs have skyrocketed since we left several years ago.

      Good Luck

    • I would steer clear of a technical position. The tech ranks are a revolving door at CWTR, the CIO position has seen large turnover, they pay very low, they expect 7x24 dedication and, in the immortal words of Dennis Pence, "IT is a necessary evil". Dennis's statement sums it all up - no respect for tech.

      The only people that last long term in technology at Coldwater are those people that have no other options - ie. Not competent, no people skills or not especially bright.

      If you want to live in north Idaho and work technology type jobs, you can telecommute or drive to Spokane. Both would be more rewarding and less stress than CWTR.

    • Keep your job. CWTR is not a good place to work unless you want to do the 24/7 routine...

      I.E. One employee had a broken car and left it in the company parking lot. He was told by the "leaders" that they were glad to see him working so hard.

      Think twice, and then keep your job.