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  • hotformoney hotformoney Sep 14, 2005 9:33 PM Flag

    Here's the facts!

    I follow this board because I like this company. I have owned the stock off and on and I've made a little money on it. I live in Sandpoint, Idaho where CWTR is headquartered so I'm always interested in whats going on with the local company.

    My take from the postings on this board is that most everyone agrees this is a good company, even those who are short the stock.
    The contention seems to be whether the stock is overvalued around $30. I personally sold last week between $30 and $31 because I feel the stock is slightly overvalued and I'm betting I'll be able to buy it back in the mid $20's the first part of October. My feeling is the stock will not drop below that level anytime soon. Just my opinion!

    As a general rule, if I find a good expanding retailer, I feel I can make money on the stock by going long during the expansion phase. I don't think one needs to trade around the stock during expansion although I sometimes do when I'm fairly confident of my assessment. The insider selling scare postings today are, quite frankly, BS! Over the period of expansion I don't fell this has an much of an impact on price movement or on my overall return. Anyone posting this scare because they are short the stock is a fool to begin with. Your downside on a GOOD retailer during the expansion phase is limited and therefore the risk/reward of going short is a fool's bet.

    Coldwater Creek is a good outfit and has just begun to expand, it focuses on the demographic sweet spot in this country - those with money, and it has superior management. What more could you ask for?

    Conclusion: Trade the stock or stay long the stock until expansion causes store saturation. If you trade the stock, exit you postion and wait for a better price to buy back in, but never ever short a stock like this.

    PS: This opinion is that of the poster and should by no means be relyed upon as investment advice. Please! Please! do your own research before initiating any stock transaction.

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