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  • yogiperp yogiperp Nov 30, 2005 10:35 PM Flag


    how do you have time to even think about trading?between here and chs board you have posted over 100 times since yeasterday.go the hell one cares what you think.your anti cramer wow what a strategy.go in your cave turn out your lantern and be like rip van winkle.see you in 100 years.the 2 boards would just love it.

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    • That's okay, I really don't mind taking your money. We all have to learn sometime.

    • Thanks for the sbux idea. Just shorting retailers this week. Next week i'll short a few high pe restaurants. Thinking about pnra,cake,cpki guess i could add sbux to the list.They do have a high pe

    • Don't forget to short SBUX.

    • Listened to most of the call. Nothing on the call scared me. Wasn't planning on my idea working this week or next. Just sometime in the next year. Shorted a couple retailers yesterday. I'm not done shorting the group yet. So i'm liking the rallies as much as you, I get to short at higher levels.

    • Was in the union for 5 years at a chemicle plant. Hate to see the destruction in union jobs right now autos and airlines. All american get to enjoy the things that the union fought for and won. Paid vacations, work breaks,pensions and health care. Housing costs are even lower here than in texas. Got about 2700' on acre taxes are only about 480 ayear insurance 400. So thats all i'm out each year. Thats one reason i moved here.

    • My Ouija board says The Kentucky Kid doesn't post here anymore after the next quarter is posted. You have to mind the fundamentals also when you play technician.

    • Did you listen to the conference call? I don't think your investment idea is working out too well.

    • If you don't understand Point and Figure charts your just going to have take my word. There is resistance on the 10 min chart at 33.88-34 and 34.34, you'll also notice we are back on the uptrend. I had mentioned earlier there would be another opportunity to sell if you wanted too. My rule of thumb is to sell at double tops and watch the action, in this case all 3 pts. could be considered sells, personally i'm watching the $34.34, and waiting for another pull back. If your just a long term holder, watch the charts and please if we run to the $35.05-$35.20 area without a 3 box reversal that is a all out sell, just take a look to the left of the chart with that vertical line of X's totalling 23, a total of 20 is a sell.,PLAAHANRBO[PB10!B20!A][D][F

    • I was a Union Ironworker for 27 years, i think on the national level i voted Rep. twice, but on the local level in my area (Long Beach) we've had some very good Rep.congressmen, that believe in things like Davis-Bacon, they understand that good paying wages help everyone, it increases the tax base etc. I had considered voting for Bush in 2000 until i started my own research of his Governorship in Texas. I had talked to some friends of mine that work for Northup Grumman there, i was told that the most powerful man in Texas is not the Governor it's the Office of Railroads, they make the really important decisions. Isn't it odd that 99 out of 100 people could probably tell you who the Governor of Calif. is or New York but don't have a clue who the Governor of Texas is, that guy running the show down there is a real bozo.

      When it come to R.E. here are some facts, Texas has had 0%-10% appreciation in 2 years, $275,000 will buy you 3200 sq.ft single level home just outside of Austin on .60 acre lot, the property taxes run $8500-$9000 a year and homeowners ins. about 2K. Get the price. I was talking to a attorney afew days ago who had lived in New Orleans, fairly young maybe 32-34, knows Texas real well, he said in Texas or Louisiana your either born into wealth or poverty, especially in Louisiana the politicians are extremely corrupt, and in law your basically guility and have to prove your innocents.

    • Hey polo, I'm no expert on interest rates, you may well be right. Not soely a call on nterest rates. The fed is putting pressure on banks to tighten lending standards on housing. Interest only, teaser rates, and negitive amortization loans. I didn't know there was such a thing as a negitive amortization loan until 6 months ago. Every month the homeowners blance is higher than the month before. That is the most dumbass thing i've ever heard of. There isn't a lot of doubt that the fed wants to stop the excess in housing prices and lending. If they are successful my bet is the consumer spending will slow. You point about the higher wages is something hadn't thought of. I agree that minimum wages way too low. If wages did go up that could help the consumer. I'm a republican but the party is wrong. They need to be a little more worker friendly.

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