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  • yogiperp yogiperp Dec 1, 2005 10:21 AM Flag


    stocks are fine.just kentucky.100 was just a you really think that i sat and counted point is your posting is excessive.i dont see you today though.oh YOUR stocks are up.don't get upset.
    im sure this post will cause a series of silly posts by you and your skirted little friends.
    remember dont get upset when your investments go against you.

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    • don't know if i've had many days in the last 5 years when some of my stocks didn't move against me. Usually i have longs and shorts so big moves in the market isn't usually real painful. Was actually down a little overall yesterday and today. Have a short position here and i think it is a possibily that this stock could go from 34 to 20 in 12 months. I also realize that the longs could be right and this stock could move from 34 to 48 just as easily as my way. Depending on the strength or weakness of the consumer and co. execution. Longs are not my enemy here. If i have any enemies here its consumer spending. good luck

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      • " this stock could go from 34 to 20 in 12 months". Did you do any due diligence on CWTR other than listening to Jim Cramer? Christmas sales in general are up significantly over last year. You'll definitely get a 15% pullback from the new high. 20% maybe, but with end of year window dressing by the funds and continued strong sales reports by retailers, it could take off and run. Also they always do a 3 for 2 split around $30. A little suggestion, listen to the conference call.