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  • yogiperp yogiperp Nov 30, 2005 10:35 PM Flag


    how do you have time to even think about trading?between here and chs board you have posted over 100 times since yeasterday.go the hell one cares what you think.your anti cramer wow what a strategy.go in your cave turn out your lantern and be like rip van winkle.see you in 100 years.the 2 boards would just love it.

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    • Counted 16 on cwtr 28 on chs on the 29th and 30th. I come up with 44 not over 100. You must be right because i was educated in ky. 41 were replys, 3 were new posts. Sorry to see your stocks being down are upsetting you.

    • why are you a contrarian on cramer[though hes a nutjob in my opinion as well]but just "some anal ist on cnbc says jump and you say "how high".for every joe on cnbc saying black theres a bob saying white.
      do your homework and forget what "they say".for a conrarian like yourself to buy or sell cause billybob the ky anal ist says so seems unnatural.
      cwtr's chart in 5 years will look just like CHS.

    • If cramer just mentions a stock it goes up 5 to 20%. If there is no REAL news in what he says on that stock than it will go back where it was before. Also he is a momentum chaser, 90% are at or near a yearly high. His picks that are near their low or mid range seems to do much better.Hate to admit it but did buy several of his picks back in june. Lost on most of them. Retailers have been on a enormous run. Have outperformed most sectors over the several years.I Looked at the five year charts on high pe retailers. Look a lot like the internet charts from late 1990's and 2000. You are right i'm contraian. Quiet a few economist that are a lot smarter than i am are predicting a slowing in consumer spending. Based on the reduced equity consumers will be able to pull out of their homes. With this group at or near highs i'm going short. Haven't heard any bull on retail say how the consumer is to replace the reduced equity extraction yet. If i hear how they are going to make up that $200 to $700 billion a year i might get bullish on pullbacks. I know the consumer is resilient but this is a big one to overcome.

    • So other than it has a high P/E ratio you know little about CWTR. Good luck with your investment approach.

    • I don't see why you would short the stock. Yea maybe there will be a little pullback but overall long term will be positive. Considering how many new stores the company is opening plus growth in revenue thru online+retail segment, you would be nuts to short the stock. Unless you won't to lose your money in that case be my guest.

    • Nothing personal against this co. Just a bet on slowing consumer spending.

    • Been gone all day, you mentioned that the gurus on Wall St. are predicting a slow down, let's go back to 2004, i recall watching a round table of economist stating without a doubt the 10 year was going to 5%, they said the same thing this year, DIDN'T happen, take a look at a 10 year note chart $TNX and tell me what you see, where is the trend?

      I'm by no means an expert, but i do know that the new Fed. chairman will not raise rates, I've been preaching for 18 months now, that before 2008-2009 you will see the 10 year at 3.5% and the 3 month below 1 1/2%. You won't have to worry about refinancing because prices won't continue to rise, (no equity). I also think you will see higher wage increases.

      This is a fact, you hear all the Republicans say, "we can't raise the min. wage it would put small business out of business" In fact in Santa Fe, N.M. they have a Livable Wage contract in the city, social services benefits decreased and job creation accelerated. If your not from Calif. you wouldn't know of In-And-Out-Burger, it's a hamburger fast food joint that probably does more business than McDonalds, it was founded by a Christian family 20+ years ago, college students are their main work force, they start the pay at $9, offer a small insurance program and give the kids time to study when they need to. I get so tired of hearing this B.S. about companies not being able to afford higher wages, if you can't make it paying $7 an hr. maybe you shouldn't be in business.

    • It's all an immigration problem. Here in CA we have many willing to work for $7 per hour but they are illegals living in tents under the freeway. Solution? Simple...enforce our borders like every other country in the world does. Without these monkeys wages would rise due to supply/demand. Better for everybody.

    • Hey polo, I'm no expert on interest rates, you may well be right. Not soely a call on nterest rates. The fed is putting pressure on banks to tighten lending standards on housing. Interest only, teaser rates, and negitive amortization loans. I didn't know there was such a thing as a negitive amortization loan until 6 months ago. Every month the homeowners blance is higher than the month before. That is the most dumbass thing i've ever heard of. There isn't a lot of doubt that the fed wants to stop the excess in housing prices and lending. If they are successful my bet is the consumer spending will slow. You point about the higher wages is something hadn't thought of. I agree that minimum wages way too low. If wages did go up that could help the consumer. I'm a republican but the party is wrong. They need to be a little more worker friendly.

    • I was a Union Ironworker for 27 years, i think on the national level i voted Rep. twice, but on the local level in my area (Long Beach) we've had some very good Rep.congressmen, that believe in things like Davis-Bacon, they understand that good paying wages help everyone, it increases the tax base etc. I had considered voting for Bush in 2000 until i started my own research of his Governorship in Texas. I had talked to some friends of mine that work for Northup Grumman there, i was told that the most powerful man in Texas is not the Governor it's the Office of Railroads, they make the really important decisions. Isn't it odd that 99 out of 100 people could probably tell you who the Governor of Calif. is or New York but don't have a clue who the Governor of Texas is, that guy running the show down there is a real bozo.

      When it come to R.E. here are some facts, Texas has had 0%-10% appreciation in 2 years, $275,000 will buy you 3200 sq.ft single level home just outside of Austin on .60 acre lot, the property taxes run $8500-$9000 a year and homeowners ins. about 2K. Get the price. I was talking to a attorney afew days ago who had lived in New Orleans, fairly young maybe 32-34, knows Texas real well, he said in Texas or Louisiana your either born into wealth or poverty, especially in Louisiana the politicians are extremely corrupt, and in law your basically guility and have to prove your innocents.

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