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  • paywithbalance paywithbalance Sep 8, 2006 3:08 PM Flag

    Major Red Flag - Inventory Problems

    As you must know, CHS has the *highest* margins the the retail business. To point out that CWTR does not have the same level of margins is not very useful. BTW, direct sourcing, while creating risk (ala CHS) also creates those margins.

    Have you been following CWTR very long? No need to get hysterical over the inventory. Yup it's higher. Yup, they have received some goods earlier than last year. The discounting that you are screaming about is very typical for this company. The matter will unfold in the stores. Either they sell the stuff or they don't. So far customers are responding to the new selections.

    If that changes, we'll see it. Go to the stores.