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  • daveyw43 daveyw43 Sep 27, 2006 12:02 AM Flag

    Inventory - Major Red Flad

    Shorts recycling poorly thought out investment ideas. Ivan (Taxevader) posted it the first time and the Ebay girls pretty much took him to task. Can't you think of anything new?

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    • Ebay girl? Too funny --- sure an ebay seller has all the answers.

      You should spend more time actually doing channel checks and less time attacking people who are pointing out FACTS.

      Ebay girl ---- that is hilarious.

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      • Actually, this is hilarious. I didn't see this response prior to posting, only your original post.

        I guess I'm now "eBay Girl." lol ;)

        Need me to go find an old receipt of mine from a past Coldwater purchase and snap a photo of it so you can see what discounts USED to look like?

        This could be fun.

        Since about 2000, I've spent many, many thousands of dollars on reduced Coldwater merchandise. I can tell you about the sales they used to have when they'd open the warehouse in Sandpoint. I can tell you about how they've gotten much smarter about not having 50% off coupons floating around on the weekends they offer automatic 1/2 off sales with free shipping.

        Would you like to see some of my receipts from where I used 50% off codes during free shipping "sales" and bought $2.99-discounted garments for $1.49 with free shipping?

        Gosh, I hope I can locate some of those receipts. I have so many, and don't have all day to look for them, but I'll bet I could at least find the item number of that moose fleece high-heck red top that I sold a bazillion of for up around $40/ea. You can go ask Live Help if they have any in stock, and when they tell you "No," you can then say, "Do you show how cheaply that item got before you completely clearanced it?" and they'll say, "Oh my goodness - looks like it got down to $2.99! Wow - that was a great sale!"

        Off to check my records....!

      • Facts? On the one hand there is you, a male short seller who most likely never purchased anything from CWTR or stepped away from the computer and entered CWTR stores. On the other hand is Momfor3kids who claims to have made many purchases and says the discounted merchandise is not there in any quantity. I think She is in a much better position to judge what the discounting ads mean. Maybe She's a pumper but you're definitely a basher. Short all you can before the CC.