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  • heypetewhereismydough heypetewhereismydough Nov 11, 2005 9:22 AM Flag

    Ha like GM has money to spend on I/T

    Yeah, the original shareholders got zero. They were completely wiped out. What a great story.

    Why don't you buy some GM too, crud?

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    • Listen to yourself fatso. When Kmart came out of bankruptcy the stockprice went from 14 to 160 dollars. What I'm saying is if GM went bankrupt like you think, the company would still exist. By the way it ain't going to happen. The 3 billion dollar contract is already up for bid and we got a nice piece of it.

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      • >>>>>"The 3 billion dollar contract is already up for bid and we got a nice piece of it.>>>>

        Let's be careful. There are three separate and distinct items that are being discussed. The $260 million of professional services with IBM. The GM contract currently being performed by EDS. Last, the Covisint quote to assist GM in the area of healthcare.

        I assume you base your statement on the PK quote before the Goldman Sachs conference. I assume that was a potential subcontract as it relates to the EDS work. But if is with IBM, could it be part of the $260 million?

        Regarding K-Mart, it appears to me that whoever, if anyone, was working on behalf of the equity holders did not perform well. Seems that when K-Mart emerged from bankruptcy, the primary reason for the rise in the stock price was the value of the property. I assume the same value existed during the bankruptcy.

        A Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows the company to continue to operate and thus save jobs. A Chapter 7 would have resulted in a liquidation--jobs would be lost. Unfortunately, some jobs have been lost and the equity holders wiped out.

      • and which if any piece is cpwr qualified to do any of?certaintly gm is not going to buy software cpwr doesnt seem to have any skills in programming non-compuware software solutions like ibm or eds well????

      • you have no clue how much and under what terms.

        you're just a cheerleader.

        when the revenue GROWS for a couple of q's then i'm all over it. until then it's going nowhere until pete sells.

        bet on it.