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  • breakmeevenbyyr2020 breakmeevenbyyr2020 Jan 10, 2013 9:04 AM Flag

    Compuware the "non performing and unable to execute" great company with a cash flow and no dividend...

    did I say unable to manage too?

    Can some one tell me "what is the future direction of this company?"

    Why invest here?

    If you look at the last 20 years of this company's history you'll see tragic executive management decisions that have ONLY let to the demise (not growth) of this static to continual declining Detroit based corporation.

    The current cast of ego's in the BOD, is Compuware's no growth / declining past, and if applied to the near future means Compuware executive management either "get's it" or "they don't".

    For the past 20yrs:

    1. Not paying employees competitive wages/benefits (eg. slave/master) causes Compuware Sales to jump to IBM with the source code to "flagship" ABEND/Aid (or FILE/Aid) software.
    2. Moving HTQ location to a dreaded and violent location, long term contributor to brain drain (Compuware needs a brain).
    3. Kwame vs. Compuware Brand Name: Compuware suffers a huge loss in negative brand recognition - "why would I hire or buy a Compuware product when it's only as corrupt as it is at the City of Detroit/Counsil?"

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    • sounds like a former employee with a bone to pick

      • 2 Replies to davebrown01
      • Mr. Brown, looks like Paul Singer is getting through to the top. Compuware is now paying dividend. When in business, everyone learns the same lesson, and you'll be successful if you "respond to customer needs", when you don't you lose business, shrink, stay complacent or normally get bought and sold - WHEN managment can't "respond" because "they do not know how to respond".

        Shareholders are 100% true Compuware "customers" and need responses, not "neglect" as seen by other customers who "know" when their pockets are being picked.

        Reflecting on the ex employee comment really has nothing to do on getting the share to 20 does it....that's the real goal here, Compuware managment seriously....needs outside help to get them to do that....that person is..."their customers" not Kwami. Seriously.

      • techinvestor Jan 25, 2013 12:49 PM Flag

        I saw it for ten years myself. Just #$%$-hat level thinking that fits right in with everything else going on in Detroit.