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  • steelhorseknight1 steelhorseknight1 May 1, 2011 4:39 PM Flag

    ....New Thread

    Hey B.

    You may be pleased to know that the two songs I linked to are not emblematic of my musical taste. I like everything from Mozart and cello music to Four Non Blondes (Concrete Blonde too). I play guitar (Taylor acoustic). My daughter and I were singing "Whats Goin On" from FNB this very morning. All three kids have very good voices (from mom mostly).

    What do you listen to? Do you play anything?

    Spring is here. My yard looks like the celebratory fireworks of creation. Pink Dogwoods just popped to fill in on the cherries and pears. Beautiful but a brief show. Sat there with a coffee just to take it in yesterday morning.

    Mom is getting sicker but the drugs are helping. It is a war of attrition. I went to a concert for my young niece Friday night. We were sitting pretty far back of where my mom and dad were sitting but I could see them watching the show. I caught my dad looking at my mom when she did not see and then he wiped his eyes not wanting her or anyone else to know. It was a rare moment. He has been a stoich for all of my life. For now, the sudden double vision she was getting has abated. The doc gave her an eye patch. I was going to give her a do-rag, one large gold earing, and a fake scimitar to complete the look. She is really sweet and gets my humor. She taught me how to care for someone. I will not be talking about it much as it makes me sad. She is a believer, Catholic, and she knows where she's going when she dies but she is understandibly afraid of the end.

    Sunday and I am resting from the major gardening/chain saw fest and clean up we did yesterday. We had some really bad storms out here and took down two of my tree. I am beat. I think I am going to watch more Scrubs and just chill. May check out House next. I liked that show too.

    Did you ever check out that First Eagle Fund I mentioned?


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    • No worries, my friend. Write when you are up to it, and take care.

    • Hey B,

      I have not forgotten about you. Just busy and have not in the frame of mind for the things I want to write to you about.
      Mothers Day was tough.
      I'll be back.

    • Kids who see/suffer abuse in the home grow up to abuse or be abused. See an abused woman, and you see a woman with low self-esteem. See an abusive male, and you know he saw his father abuse his mother. My father had a bad temper when he was younger, and we saw it in action more than once as kids. We still love/like the old man like crazy, but that temper did do some damage, and so did the alcohol. It's no coincidence none of his kids are married (either single or divorced). Fortunately, all the kids have high self-esteem, and we girls have NEVER been involved with abusive men. We don't even attract them because we project confidence, not "victim." So, something was done right, inspite of all the dysfunction, fighting, and booze. We just all have trust issues, that's all.

      I've seen women stick with horrible men because they can't afford or are afraid to leave, and I swore that would never happen to me. That's part of my I worked so hard to be able to support and take care of myself. I never wanted to "trapped," like some people (mostly women) are.

      As I said, I have my best friend, who is a con, and I used to have another friend, a guy, who was a con, but he dumped me after we argued about Obama. Can you believe it? I accepted and listened to him trash my guy Clinton for years, and he gets mad because I defend Obama. So he got in a snit and hasn't talked to me since. My cousin did the same thing over religion. I've accepted her creationist views all my life, though not agreeing, and she joins some cultish church and decides that she's going to drop anyone in her family who doesn't agree with her. So, she tries to "convert" me, and when I disagree with her, she never speaks to me again. What a beetch.

      Being agnostic and an evolutionist ARE my beliefs, and I've put as much thought and research into them as she has hers. I didn't come to my beliefs overnight, try 10 - 15 years. It happened over a long period of time, and, frankly, it's the only philosphy that makes sense to me. That's why I like "Candide." It basically speaks to where I am. Stop trying to fit everything together like a big puzzle and thinking everything happens for the best and for a reason, and it's hugely liberating and gets rid of a lot of anger. You realize that sometimes, sh** just happens, and it isn't God or fate or anything else. It's just sh** happening because that's what sh** does. It's statistics. You throw the dice, and sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. Life is about bettering your odds.

      Statistics has never let me down. Never.

      Actually, I think Liberals have a more realistic view of life because we know the poor are not going away, resources aren't going to last forever, and women need to have control over their reproductive organs. Protecting the vulnerable is why I'm pro-choice. A woman should have the final word in whether or not she is used as a gestation machine and her health put at risk by a pregnancy. Late-term, I'll give some slack there. If I knew a woman considering an abortion in late term that wasn't health related, I'd try to talk her out of it. I think providing alternatives to women other than abortion is great. But it is the woman's choice. And I think birth control should be free to anyone who wants it.

      On a lighter note, yes, my bedroom is French country, and my house is full of interesting old stuff I bought used. I love that relaxed, country look. Eclectic, they call it.



    • Hmmmmmmm. (sips Starbucks coffee pensively).....I had to think about that one believe it or not. Obviously I have one but I asked my 17 year old daughter about it this morning on the way to her school. Neither of us slept last night (pollen?)and I wound up having to drive her.
      She said "Yes, but you control it well". I would say that's true. I have seen what unrestrained anger/rage can do to a family. Anger in the home makes kids find their "family" and oasis of safety outside the home. Not usually a good thing as it is an opportunity for s-x, drugs, and Jazz music (joke)to negatively affect ones upbringing. That's how I grew up. Anger destroys self images in children which leaves them susceptible to whomever will give them the love they crave. This is more dangerous for girls I'm sure but anyone can be ruined as a result. They can be willing accomplises to their own destruction....knowing and watching it happen but unwilling or unable to stop it so long as they are relevant to someone.
      What lights up my attack computer...... for sure is bullying in any form. I am big on thinking about what you say to those you love in anger. Those words can stick for a lifetime and bear their evil fruit at a moment of weakness at a critical point. Protection of the vulerable is part of why I am staunchly pro-life.

      I can tell you that if I had witnessed that beatdown at MCD last week or so it would have been very different (transwhatever or not). You would have read about me possibly if they did not stop but probably they would have just broken off the attack if I just stood between them. Sometime just a stern look will do it.
      I imagine it greives God immensely when He sees how we treat each other and worse. Part of the reason I rage on stock chat rooms is that I know that many of the people could care less what is said so long as it messes up the stock board (shorts) and no one gets permanently hurt. I get to let others know how passionetly I feel lest they think they have it all figured out...and I learn....I want very much to understand my sister or brother and to help them.

      Do I have liberal friends?..(laughs) not too many and it depends what you mean by liberal. My wife and I have had friends who are democrats on three sides of our home (one being a lsbn couple with kids till one ran off with an older woman). That is a bizarre story for another time.
      I repect the motives, the ideals of many liberals. In practice, in the harsh light of reality, life cannot be a utopia. People have to work, there are consequeces for choices, and effort should be rewarded not punished.
      I feel I owe a defense of the American Way to those who fought for it..and I get fired up by people who enjoy these fruits in any form with no respect or incling of desire to help out (the Barack Obama's Aunt attitude)

      I like you B because I believe we are more similair than not. What I meant by you being part of me (came out wrong) has to do with our desire for a better world, shared bouts of depression, sense of humor and our passion about it.

      I looked up the furniture art form you are working on. My girls did their room that way. That is something I would do while listening to cello music. Sounds like a cool find and a neat project.
      Back later perhaps.

    • Hi, SHK

      You can like songs I don't like, that's okay. :)

      Mainly, I like jazz, classic rock, and old R&B (70's), but I also like Beethoven (The 6th, Pastoral Symphony, is my favorite) and Brazilian/Latin jazz, too, as my parents played a lot of classical music and jazz, like Stan Getz and Sergio Mendes, when I was a kid. Also grew up hearing a lot of musical soundtracks (Kismet, Candide, West Side Story, Guys and Dolls, Caberet), and as a result, I know many of the lyrics (which pleases my gay male friends).

      I took piano when I was a kid, but I didn't stick with it, which I regret.

      We had beautiful weather here, and I was outdoors all weekend, working in the yard, and I went to an estate/garage sale on Saturday and got a lot of great, big, old, heavy clay and ceramic pots for my patio cheap. I spent this morning cleaning them, and I'm going to fill them with soil and then plant various color mixes in them and some of my dwarf trees. My yard is just gorgeous, everything is coming into bloom, my roses are going crazy, and my trees are all leaving out. I love this time of year. I'm getting out the little barbecue and going to start doing some grilling this week.

      Again, positive thoughts, energy, and vibes (hey, I'm a Liberal) for your mom and dad, and that's all I'll say, since it's a sad topic for you.

      Regarding your fund, I looked at it on Yahoo, the holdings and the history, but that's it so far.


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