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  • faraz0803 faraz0803 Oct 23, 2009 12:28 AM Flag

    Welcome to the board newbies!

    Wow! I have never seen so much activity on this board in one day. I'm guessing you guys are new to the board...WELCOME ABOARD! begin with I have had this stock for almost a year, thinking it will go up one day. Which it will...just keep in mind not yet!!!

    They have a plant...called the Durant plant...which is not even open yet! This stock will not budge unless or until they start production in that plant and ofcourse report revenues.

    O/S is around 20+ billion and they released a PR stating they will buy back 10 billion with in the next 6 months or so. Hasnt happened yet I think...

    The CEO did mention they are not planning to have a reverse split...well..CEO's lie all the time so I cant tell you if that is going to happen or not but hope it doesnt!

    You think you can get in at .0001 and sell at .0002 and make a 100% profit? LOL...Good luck! Your sell orders wont go through. Ya maybe in like a couple of months if you are lucky. Currently this stock is in a status that you can get in..but you cant get out....atleast not with a profit!

    So I've always told everyone....this is like lottery to it...if you win win but if you lose aaa..who cares it was lottery money! But only invest the amount you can bear to lose. I wouldnt suggest anyone investing more than 300-500 in this!

    5 Year = $5 Million....doesnt sound bad! ;)


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    • ==>
      You think you can get in at .0001 and sell at .0002 and make a 100% profit? LOL...Good luck! Your sell orders wont go through.

      That's how it usually works with stocks locked in the .0001 - .0002 range. Only the MM's can sell at .0002, or the company, if they're diluting, but retail traders never get filled. Or, if they do, that means they don't really want to, because sufficient volume to fill orders at .0002 usually means its going to break out and they'll be able to get many times the profit if they wait. For me, the way to play TZ stocks is to put in a small amount of money and then wait. Sometimes you lose all your money, and every once in a while you get rewarded BIG, making up for many small losses in other TZ stocks (e.g. I recently made 75k on a 3k investment in LDSR). Trying to make a 100% flip by buying at .0001 and selling at .0002 is stupid, it actually gives you a very lousy risk/reward ratio because it works less than half the time, and those times that it does work you end up leaving a lot of money on the table and kicking yourself.

    • Can we get out at cost? .0001?

    • I found this link

      Stating the obvious
      I can't believe I actually have to say this, but here it is:

      You should not base an investment decision on your affection for actress Julia Roberts. Or actor Morgan Freeman. Or race-car driver Rusty Wallace. And certainly not musician and ponytailed icon Willie Nelson.

      What do all these celebrities have in common? They're currently being used to help promote a horribly unprofitable, bulletin board-traded biofuel start-up called Earth Biofuels (OTC BB: EBOF.OB).

      While I have no doubt these entertainers have their hearts in the right place, I believe they have no idea what kind of operation they're involved with, and the potential it has to empty the pockets of their naive, if well-intentioned, fans.

      And even if the cost of oil stays at nosebleed levels, that can make biofuels more attractive economically, which means that anyone can get into this business. And I do mean anyone. You and I could do it. Tomorrow. Indeed, across the nation, many of the leaders of the agri-fuel charge have been small co-ops founded by farmers and other small, local players who cobbled together a few million and built their own production plants. Just about every day, the business wires announce yet another ethanol or biodiesel start-up.

      The ease with which capacity can be added in this industry is one reason it will be nearly impossible for most of these small players to make decent profits in the future, no matter what demand turns out to be. The companies who do well will be the big players, the Archer Daniels Midlands (NYSE: ADM) and others who have experience in the field and can leverage their size to get better prices on feed stocks, and eke out profits via more efficient production and distribution processes.

      That's not to say there won't be some success stories from small players out there in the hinterlands, but I'm 99.9% sure that Earth Biofuels will never be among them.

      Earth Biofuels' latest well-publicized plan is to build out or buy up its own network of service stations in order to move more of its unprofitable product. Too bad that's a pipe dream, given that, according to the company's own filings, it doesn't have the money to do this. Not even close. As of the quarter that ended in June, the firm showed only $390,000. If you're thinking "Hey, you might be able to open one gas station with that," don't bet on it. Earth's free cash flow outflow shows the company burning greenbacks at a rate of $10 million per year over the past 12 months. And that rate is getting worse, not better, as the top line has grown. The numbers for the first half of 2006 show that while it took in $4.8 million in revenues, it posted a net loss of $19.4 million, and burned $23 million between outflows for operations and investing activities.