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  • bskptkl bskptkl Dec 4, 2008 4:55 PM Flag

    Markman hearing

    PACER is very useful. You can view public court documents for 8 cents per page. Anyone can sign up.

    The claim construction order was entered yesterday. I've uploaded it here:

    I spoke to the lawyer, Taras Gracey. He said they agreed to all the constructs save 1 before the hearing. Opti prevailed on the remaining construct. I believe this is the construct in question:


    "[73.3] during the transfer of the data units for each entire N’th L-byte line in said step of transferring, initiating one and only one snoop access of said cache memory, said snoop accesses each specifying the respective N+1’th L-byte line and being initiated early enough such that they can be sampled by said host processing unit prior to completion of the transfer to said bus master of the last data unit in the respective N’th L-byte line,"

    “initiating one and only one snoop access of said cache memory” constructed to be "initiating one and only one next-line inquiry of said cache memory"

    therefore “snoop access” constructed to be "Next-line inquiry"

    I must admit it is all jibberish to me.