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  • pvxbasher pvxbasher Oct 9, 2011 9:32 AM Flag

    Operational update

    What update and what operations?

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    • richard_mantz Oct 15, 2011 11:29 AM Flag

      They have a solid year or maybe 2 of low hanging fruit, and they are planning for the day when they have to explore. They are sticking to their story, their timeline and their plan

    • Miller has run out of low hanging fruit and now they must earn respect with a drilling crew that may have forgotten how to reach high??

    • richard_mantz Oct 15, 2011 3:03 AM Flag

      That is what is called low hanging fruit. If it is easy to do and the payback is very short, then what is the problem?? Why do exploration, when there are sure things to repair, rehab, etc... That is operational progress whether you like it or not, and if it is simple, then so be it. In fact better it is simple and the top line is growing very quickly. It looks like they are sticking to their time line very well and that is what matters. The next wells coming up can be fixed up for $3 million each, why drill for $15 million when the $3million repairs already know where the oil is and what the flow rate will be when they are done?? Personally, I think we should go for the money.

    • Richard-man what operational progress as they have drilled zero wells in Alaska in the past year and while they did replace a couple of pumps and brought more production on line it looks like a plumber could have done this job and not the drilling crew that has been on the payroll for 18 months and can't put the humpty dump drilling rig from TN back togather again!!!!

    • well said

    • richard_mantz Oct 14, 2011 12:03 AM Flag

      I think what needs to be noted is the operational progress made in the last year. Stock prices of small companies can jump all over the place for all kinds of reasons, but if you have a horizon and a goal, you can take all that in stride. This company has made a ton of progress, reworking wells, purchasing a new rig and fixing up a second one that will start drilling a well later this month or early next month. Probably by December, and maybe sooner, the second rig will be put to work. This company is slowly but surely putting a $500 million investment to work. Not an easy task for such a small company.

    • look up MILL.Read the headlines.back up to more headlines ...maybe Sept 9th.Read.Companies put out quarterly reports and up dates.You are supposed to read these and not ask your Dentist for a hot stock tip.Get better at research .Keep some cash around to buy more on the dips.Dont panic if the price goes down .when you have read the reports and studied well you will be more confident.There is no such thing as a dumb question....except for that last one you asked.We will make an exception.Did that help?

      • 1 Reply to olejos
      • Pvxbasher's posting pattern has been consistent for about a year. He posts negative "sentiment" only - never any actual information.
        He gripes whenever there is no drilling taking place - although it is not this company's style to tell the public when they first begin to drill or rework a well.
        He just gripes uselessly - and somewhat crazily - and then when there is some good news, progress on a rework or perhaps a report on well testing, he says nothing.

        When the reworks on Osrprey begin this winter, and the results start to be announced, hell disapear. Then when there are periods when there is no news of production increases, he will post about "the drillbit not turning".

        He may be a child, or a feebleminded person, or just a jerk. But his posts on this forum a childish, stupid, and demonstrate a clear lack of experience in the oil and gas business.

    • You are going to great lengths to advertise you can't read, study or think when facts are clearly laid out for you. They have some hedge funds in Hartford that are suffering badly in this market and you are trying to show you are one of the boys with connections who think by falling into line with some genius' brain warp you will make a killing. Think for a moment: suicide is killing yourself. Sorry to be so blunt but you need a wakeup call.

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