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  • olejos olejos Nov 21, 2011 9:06 AM Flag

    The safety of the US Dollar(isnt)

    Dollar is fiat currency(not backed by oil,gold,etc)and is worth what people's faith & trust want it to be.The Fed has a licence to print as much as money as they want.Do you call it conterfiting?Roth IRA gets chewed into zilch by inflation before someone can touch it.Bonds pay a safe income based on a P/E of about 50 years.Stay aware and put your money into something that will have value in 5 or 10 years.

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    • raising the debt ceiling on Dec 29 2011 by 1.2 trillion will deflate the value of the dollar by 7.5% instantly.1.2 trillion (increase)/16 trillion (current debt)=7.5%.It is obscurred by investors desparate to buy "zero net interest" us treasuries driving up the dollar over the euro.Now what do you think of a roth IRA were money gets ground down by inflation for 30 years until it can be withdrawn??

    • Fitch has again warned the US Treasury that their AAA rating is at risk due to excessive debt & run away dollar printing.Greece has the weight of Europe standing on it.The Usa has the Federal Reserve able to change the interest rate & policy faster than any other currency/contry.USA can print more dollars because Europeans ,Asians,others are desparate to buy up hordes of its wildly expanding debt...viz-6 trillion in unfunded pensions and 1 trillion in student loan debt.We could inflate our way out of it(implicd defalt).The stock market is the best play now with its' low p/e's.No bonds.Think several months ahead and dont chase the latest news.

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