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  • jbkenser jbkenser Feb 24, 2012 9:49 AM Flag

    Where did that Kevin guy go?

    He seemed quite knowledgeable of the Alaskan goings on, wonder if he bailed..

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    • good question, I was wondering the same thing! Kevin are you there? Give us an update if you have additional information, please...
      I am holding LONG with this little gem!!
      Best luck to all long and surely $108 and rising crude will help!!

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      • I am here alive and doing fine. Regarding Mill.. I am not sticking my nose in it's day to day activities at this time.I am comfortable that if an event of any significance were to occur that I would be privy to it on a timely basis. As I said earlier, new technology has revealed huge reserves. As this company methodically executes its business plan over time, you are going to see staggering numbers.There is nothing that can stop the inevitable climb in it's stock price. It' simple math at that point. From my first hand knowledge and viewings of this companies operations, reports, plans and projections I am very comfortable as to where Mill is heading. If anything were to change or new developments that can be divulged become available I will post them. Until then , relax sit back, don't worry about day to day fluctuations and let nature take it's course. You will make plenty of money with this company. I will check in from time to time.

    • I heard he decided to chuck it all and get out of this crazy ratrace.Now hes running a joint out of an igloo on the southside of Nome.

    • OK now lets take it to higher levels and stop relying on "hearsay".try, or learn to evaluate stocks on fundamentals and good compelling facts and statstics.

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      • You must all understand that you are debating the merits of two different investment/trade strategies that you have falsely dichotomized. Fundamental analysis and technical analysis benefit each other and are best used in concert. If investing in the stock market was solely a matter of picking the companies with the best fundamental value, then stock charts would be worthless. In reality, however, investing/trading is a matter of choosing the companies that are percieved by the market as having the most attractive value. Because the technicals matter to others in the market, they should matter to you.

        I only invest in companies that look fundamentally attractive but I try to use technical analysis to help me with timing. TA isnt for everyone but one should at least be aware that even if it doesnt influence your decision, it might influence someone else's, and that should matter to you.

      • Olejos You can read charts until your blue in the face. They are meaningless. Charts tell you where the company has been not where it's necessarily going.If you have a pipeline of information that is happening behind the scenes, than that is more valuable than anything you will find on the internet or your comic books. This guy has been on the money since he appeared when mill was in the 2s.There is no doubt he has an ear in the right place. I don't rely on strangers advice but I for one am very interested to hear what he has to say.

    • You can stick the charts you know where. Also please learn to put your sentences together a little better if you want to be taken seriously.

    • doin my best...

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