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  • billmallinder billmallinder Mar 5, 2012 7:29 PM Flag

    stock price?

    Hey, looking for some opinions, even if they are not what i want to hear. Relatively new to the stock game, but heard about Miller, then did some research and got in at $4. As it went up I got in some more. Then stood and watched as the Brinks truck drove away at $5.25 0r $5.30. Been patiently getting tortured along with some of the rest of you since then. What's next? Get in deeper or stand pat and hope stock rebounds?

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    • Bill, if you are looking for a fast trade, you may want to take your money out and invest somewhere else. But, if you are willing to wait 6 months, I believe this will be the best 6 month investment return you will ever see in your lifetime. Take about an hour of your time and research the history of this company. Then check out the background of Miller, Boruff, and Hall. There are no guarantees in life, but I can guarantee you that I will sleep very well at night with this investment.

    • add up the value of all the assets....look at market whats the question again?

    • I hear you!! I resemble your comments, I too wish I knew the answer(s) to your questions. I am in the same boat, I have a fair sized position here and I have high hopes for MILL. Mr. Kevin has provided great insights into this company, and I hope he is right. I guess all we can do is sit tight and hope we get to $5 and go higher, someone wanted a big chunk near the end of trading today.

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      • This stock is a relatively safe bet to advance. Once Rig #35 gets up and running -- and it should be up by the end of this month or early April at the latest, oil production will undoubtably go up 5x within 60 days.

        There is a gas rig -- #34, that is waiting for certificate from State of Alaska to start -- and that hopefully has already been received and has started. Reserves for both oil and gas should be well in excess of expected reserves. The results of the seismic studies by Apache should be revealed in the near future, and hopefully should show reserves at double or triple the current proven reserves reflect.

        There is tons of promise with this company and waiting a couple of months should double your money. Have some patience. "Good things come to those that wait" is an appropriate saying for this stock at this point in time.

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