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  • jaffatrader jaffatrader Nov 8, 2012 3:41 PM Flag

    "I told you so"

    For all the optimistic longs (I was one too sometime ago).

    Oct 12, 2012
    “… This management of this company is as inexperienced as they come about understanding how to manage investors when it comes to PR and communications. And therefore we are where we are with the PPS being controlled by the shorts.

    My prediction is that regardless of any positive PR on RU1 - the stock will not go anywhere (that the shorts don't want it to go to)”

    Oct 17, 2012
    “Yup, too bad for the long-longs - I think MILL will eventually deliver and turn into $100M+ company but I doubt the PPS will reward them for it, things being as they are now.”

    Oct 18, 2012
    “Folks, wake up!

    Y'all keep talking about production and keep ignoring 9M short shares: They control the PPS, not the news or production. There's not enough demand for this stock to counter such a massive short position.

    If you think news of new production will get PPS to a new level - think again. It's naive an sadly the management is not experienced enough to think otherwise.

    To remind you, last quarter was the first ever quarter in the black (however small). PPS shot to just over $5 and now it's back in the low $4.

    Last year results (quarter before last), ended with a huge loss as I'm sure you all remember. Stock went up just over $5 then back to low $4.

    I can carry on but I'm sure you get the point by now: good news, bad news, the stock goes thru this cycle or manipulation.

    What makes you think this will stop??? It won't - simply because it's very profitable to whomever is doing the manipulation.

    So time to wake up and forget this naive notion that news on RU1 and RU2 etc. will make any difference.”
    “The multi-million $ question or may irrelevant but intriguing all the same: How's behind the majority of these shorts??

    MILL management certainly doesn't know.”
    “The way I see it:

    - Longs have zero control
    - Shorts "own" the stock
    - Even with increased production the PPS will not move unless the shorts want it to
    - Company is valid but until shorts go away (big IF) the PPS will not reflect their
    validity or performance
    - Don't think the management is crooked but inexperienced in running a public company (this is Boruff first public gig as CEO) - this is one of the reason their PR stinks - they have no clue on how and when to communicate with their shareholders

    The way to make money on this stock is simple: Sell at just over $5, wait for the dump to end and buy again at just over $4. Rinse, Repeat and you're making great returns.”

    Nov 6 2012
    “However, there shorts out there are likely naked shorts for the most part which means and as I see it owned by institutions so I suspect we might see another bubble burst that sends the stock back to mid-low 4's in order for them to get out of their positions.”

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