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  • verado verado Jun 10, 2014 1:44 PM Flag

    Lackey the facty

    Ever since Lack of fact has been posting on this board, he has smelled a short squeeze coming. Needless to say, that smell has cost him plenty of cash! So Lackey why don't we let the market do our talking. Todays action in the price is just a continuation of the markets disbelief in MILL and certainly a reflection on you, as a mindless tout for the stock. Brace for the fall. But ok, lackey, your already always on your knees so your fine for now! Mill is toast and any real potential buyer of this POS should run fast to the EAST! Verado may tease the truth, but the markets never lie! Just the real facts, that is all I can relate to you. Sam, was my total oil Cook Inlet figures correct? I see you talked around the individual production figures, but never came out and admitted that the 2133/34 number was right. Anyone check out the Badami decline rate in production? Chessmaster and Creedster have figured out the problems up there and the fact that Red Wolf 2 was a dry dry dry hole. Once more for the previously uninformed, the Badami pipeline is a common carrier with rates regulated by the state. The state for the construction of the line, ie no money for that!, and the state allows the operator a reasonable rate of return on the expenses to operate the line, so MILL will never get and real money out of the pipeline, just operating cost and maybe 3% above. And the new line that will really carry the production from Thompson to the LNG export hub will be built soon and fast once the production is proven, by passing Badami all around and leaving MILL paying a ton to ship their 400 or less barrels alone down the Badami line after the two holes they are contracted to drill come up dusters. Fellow oil men, it is a lose lose situation and all because Lack of fact said so!

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    • Actually, the markets can "lie" because they can be manipulated by the well informed. There is also irrational investor behavior that can send a stock soaring such as the dot anythings or crashing such as 2009 when I think GE sank below $9 and other great companies were equally as decimated.
      Please remember that Red Wolf 2 was a delineation well that was outside the primary area. In addition, there are stacked plays to deal with such as what we are seeing say with Badami B1-18A versus B1-38. Actually Red Wolf was not "dry dry dry" but wet and unfortunately the liquid was water and not oil. It was an attempt to see if the zone that Endicott produces from was present there as well. The Badami production rate one year ago was 36897 versus the current 32659 which equates to approximately 11.4%. Certainly the sky is not falling in as you seem to imply. That 'new line" you mention has not even been started and is therefore probably eight to ten years and tens of billions of dollars ($45-$65 B) away (I read early to mid-2020's). In the interim, Miller will be permitted to charge per barrel for what flows through. Folks like Kinder make serious cash running pipelines so they can be profitable.. Eight trillion cubic feet of gas is impressive but so is 200 million barrels of condensate that will flow through the Badami line.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • So let me get this straight, Exxon just poured $253 million into a pipeline connection at Badami just for show. And now we are supposed to believe that MILL will only get their operating costs plus 3% for their 25 mile pipeline right away. NONSENSE

    • So Lack of fact, when is that big squeeze you have predicted for so so so long going to come, and the news great big news coming next week for the lasy six months, when is it coming, I am getting darn tired of waiting for your predictions to come true! Anybody else smell a rat in lack of facts pants, maybe that is what he is really smelling!

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