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  • mlec57 mlec57 Aug 8, 2000 5:29 PM Flag

    What's ahead?

    I'm a long term holder of GTNR. If it doesn't
    hold up-what stock will?Just for your information,
    Nick Guarino of Wall Street Underground who called the
    April selloff of Techs is now saying "YOUR BEING
    FATTENED UP FOR THE KILL. The rallies we've seen since the
    April tech wreck are classic "bull traps"They're
    designed to lure naive investors back into the stock
    market. Make no mistake: Wall Street insiders are
    preparing another massive tech sell-off later this
    year...when they'll sighon an additional $1 trillion out of
    ordinary investors' mutual funds, brokerage accounts and
    retirement funds."

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    • I am of a different opinion. It appears that the
      Fed is done tightening and the recent productivity
      report (+5.3%) is more good news.

      The economy
      most likely is hitting the soft landing we need, and
      Americans are growing richer without igniting inflation
      (wage and salary growth ahead of inflation). And note
      that unit labor costs were down last quarter - not

      These things seem to argue in favor of stock market
      gains rather than a classic bear trap.

    • About 100 million Americans own stock. Anyone
      with a good supply of brain cells and access to the
      internet can get more accurate info than he can digest.
      Who are these "insiders" you are talking about? Take
      a look at the unprecedented prosperity this nation
      has enjoyed oner the last several years, then take a
      fistful of Valium for your paranoid


    • I think your buddy Nick Guarino might be correct
      in his thinking.
      I've been listening to Bob
      Brinker on the weekend and his outlook isn't too good
      either. He recommends a 60% cash position at this
      I like GTNR and ATMS, but right now I'm 100% in a
      money market fund and will watch from there for


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      • FYI : Late last week I bailed out of ATMS. Two
        things bothered me (1) I think next quarters sales will
        drop significantly and (2) The insider selling doesn't
        sit well with me (L.Carr went far out of his way to
        whitewash it).
        I've bought many lots of GTNR starting 18
        months ago. My porfolio is heavily overweighted in GTNR,
        and it has never bothered me. However, I am beginning
        to evaluate whether I should scale back some. My two
        biggest concerns are (1) slower earnings growth over next
        twelve months and (2) continued low volume (I don't
        think Value_King can buy all the shares if the
        institutions begin unloading).

        However, a nice run to
        $16 will erase all those negative


      • Whoever you are...your not getting my shares cheap! These are levels of insanity if you ask me.

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