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  • thehiddenangle thehiddenangle Jan 20, 2010 1:09 PM Flag

    Markets panic as Republicans gain strength in Senate

    Just causing trouble, hahaha.

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    • BS.

      You lib-tards have the worst memory. Two weeks ago Obama started attacking banks, threatening to impose new taxes upon them... even those that had nothing to do with the subprime disaster, archiected by Barney "Elmer Fudd" Frank and Chuck "Tax Cheat" Schumer.

      That's why we've been down, you loser.

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      • Awww hidden, you've got to be kidding me. Real conservatives believe in personal rights and responsibilities, and want the government the phuck out of their lives. Don't confuse the recent quack Repubs, admitedly a bunch of religious whack jobs, with true conservatives. A real conservative will let you shoot heroin if that's what you want; it only becomes the governments business when they have to pick up the tab at the ER, another something that a true conservative does not support. Liberals are going to inject goverenment into every aspect of your life as much as possible, they are highjacking the global warming deal just so they can tell you how to live your life. Does Hidden use paper or plastic?? A real conservative doesn't give a shiot.

    • I think that Va, NJ, and now Mass that the American people do not want BHO socialism and the arrogant liberals that are acheiving very little except for bankrupting our nation and giving us high taxes to pay back these trillions of debt. Pelosi and Reid are a discrace.

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