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  • seadog72 seadog72 May 20, 2010 11:40 PM Flag

    As the DOW turns...

    BDC's go up and down for one reason, buying and selling proportions. If you are a dividend investor, today was a great day to buy up more shares. The dividends are good and most solid bdc's are stable with their divis , so with diving prices, our yield gets better and better. This is a great oppourtunity to scoop up some bargains, the day traders will be back again buying on monday and the longs will benefit from the yo yo prices. I'm long on a bunch of bdc's , but really I am buying the best I can find, enjoying the divi's and my aires can worry about the CG's . Not a bad day to load up some more shares...

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    • low this can really go. unless OBAMA pulls a magic rabbit out of the hat for you (temporarly at best) this could easily fall back to $8 or less.

      Always dangerour to catch a falling knife.

      am not in this stock so i have no axe to grind but like to follow it and cannot see why you all seem enamored of it.

      Am hoping for a magic up day tomorrow so i can get some short positions...Markets will tumble another 10% by the 4th of July.

      All recovery talk was based on smoke and mirrors to manipulate the markets higher, but not on fundamentals...more people out of work than when Barry got elected and another $3 trillion pizzed away as well.

      Now it is time to pay the piper...

      I am NOT speaking about huge sell-off tomorrow or even next week, but selling will continue...All stocks in all sectors dumped.

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      • dmc1lake May 21, 2010 9:58 PM Flag

        Hi shorty - you stated not in this position then you stated you want to short more -how is it that you are not in this position?

        "Investors" similarly dumb tend to choke on their "shorts"! Do you like eating cotton? You are likely talking about shorting 100 shares thinking that your brainless post will impact the stock price. Think of the return you are missing that those of us that think the U.S. will be fine long run and are getting a plus 10% on our new investments in this and other BDC's. Also worth mention are the fortune 500's that are loaded with cash to invest for long run returns. Enjoy your cotton - just stay clear of me when you fill your "shorts".

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