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  • mercurystinks mercurystinks Jul 21, 2003 2:59 AM Flag

    Absolutely incompetent service

    As a customer, I have had nothing but the worst service from Mercury. They are unable to complete even the most mundane tasks, including changing my address, spelling my and other drivers' names correctly, and adding/removing drivers. If the company is unable to perform even these activities, I am reticent to imagine what else they might do halfway decently.

    Although I am not a financial professional, I cannot fathom anyone who would invest in a firm that is incapable of providing even the most basic services.

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    • Mercury Ins would be a dominant leader in the industry if it wasn't so micro-managed. Adjusters at companies such as Travelers and USAA, State Farm, and Progressive have twice the settlement authority than CLAIMS MANAGERS have at Mercury. You can't wipe your butt at Mercury without having Administration approve it. ...and most of Admin is incompetent. take it from someone you has worked at Mercury and STATE FARM in CLAIMS, and is now an INS AGENT.....despite Upper MGT, the company rakes in the money...imagine if it were run PROPERLY...... $$$$$$$$$

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      • With all due respect to MSMERC, I think that the business procedures and processes that are in place here at MCY are largely responsible for the success. Like anything, there are weaknesses to this approach. You touched on some of those, but you have missed out on the strengths of what is done here.

        I would pose a question to you, if you truly believe that micro-management is a problem. What do you think is responsible for Mercury's growth AND profitability if not the management? Is it the "stellar" marketing? Is it only our good relationship with agents? I would sincerely like to hear your answer to this.

      • Sounds as though Mercury is a steward of it's investor's money. Are you certain you aren't responsible for State Farm's current condition?

    • LOL are you crazy? This company is outstanding. This company is run great quarter after quarter results you have no idea what you are talking about

    • Change your agent/broker of record if you are unhappy with your current one. This is easy to do and any other Mercury agent in your area would be more than happy to oblige your request provided you make the request with your 6 month renewal notice and renewal payment.

    • Its not Mercury. Try changing agents. Your agent most likely "input" the information into Mercury's system and would be responsible for adding and removing drivers. What data goes in the system is what comes out.

      Mercury's new rating module and endorsement processing is one of the easiest systems (which does surprise me) to use in our office. IF your agent knows Mercury they should be able to process the endorsements correctly the first time. Most likely this is a training issue.

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