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  • holcombe25 holcombe25 Jul 1, 2000 12:32 AM Flag

    Stock price

    WOW!! Our stock went down another 1 7/8 to close
    at about 23 1/2. At what time can we expect our
    stock to go back up?? Maybe this Quackenbush thing hurt
    us but we need to rally. It has been around the 20's
    for the last few months now. Ever since we had the
    mass sell off at 70 to 45 and the SEC investigated us
    it just hasn't been able to recover.

    Again, all the employees suffer and the officers get
    more coin in their pocket.....when will it end??

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    • <EOM>

    • That is helpful.....

    • <EOM>

    • I'll go when you identify yourself.....and when
      you decide to pull your head out and look into
      reality.....When will we hear the real truth from you.....and
      about the president/ceo "reducing his role"

    • First of all, my wife worked there a lot longer
      than 6 months. Plus, my wife has no intentions of
      working in the insurance industry again, much less
      working for another low cost, shoddy insurance

      Don't throw stones from glass houses.


    • As I read the press release advising of the
      CEO/President (M.C.)taking a step back "to consult" I can only
      hope for my former cohorts that maybe the new people
      in charge will try to find a way to pay the Merc
      employees somewhere around the industry average for the
      jobs they perform. Also, find some incentive programs
      that reward the adj's for their hard work and not give
      the 4% handshake come review time. Maybe some sort of
      stock options?? This will keep a lot of people around
      and gain experience with the company. Incentives for
      people who stay with the company. Not the $40 "gift" you
      get to choose after being with the company for 5 yrs.
      Happy and productive employees are what all companies
      should strive for. And for the adj's who have left the
      company to "follow the money to handle parking lot
      losses", not all left for that. Actually, most that I know
      have gone to co's like Coast National , Geico, and
      Nationwide, to name a few, all are paying paying more to
      their respective new employees. They actually have
      settlement authority !! Others have left the industry
      because of the workload and expectations at Mercury that
      left a bad taste in thier mouths.

      You also
      know that with all the money that the insurance
      industry has, 3rd party bad faith will not pass in
      California for a long, long time. We did not hide our views
      and suggestions and complaints to mgt about things,
      but they were met with deaf ears when we discussed
      them with mgt. All we heard was, "it's been that way
      for years."
      The attitude adjustment that needs
      to be made is with the upper
      mgt and their views
      on how to retain adj's. How much money does the
      company spend on training when 2/3 of the trainees leave
      before 1 yr???
      Let's face it, their is only a 4%
      unemployment rate right now and a lot of competition out

    • Holcombe25 and sunseter 2000, thanks
      for your
      opinion concerning employee
      retention and the
      company's inability
      to keep staff. The truth is, 6
      is clearly an insufficient amount of
      time to
      learn the procedures and
      policies of a company. You
      apparently are not speaking with all
      of the former
      adjusters that have left this company and who have regreted
      their rash decision to follow the money and handle
      lot losses with little or no
      exposures. Progressive has left the state before, they'll do
      it again once 3rd party bad faith gets approved by
      the California majority.
      You need to have faith
      and loyalty
      my friends and stop hiding behind this
      message board to voice your concerns. Afterall, the
      handbook says there is always an open-door

    • The problem is that the adj's learn that after 6
      months how things run.......and they leave. The money
      that is spent on training in any company is a lot, and
      when you are constantly training new people to take
      over for prople who just left the company after 6
      months or less, it is hard to have a staff with any
      experience. The company should really look at hiring some
      experienced people who already know what the job entails. but
      I know if they did that, they would have to start
      paying people industry average........

    • I will compare my net-worth to yours any time! As
      I have said before, you are just a wantabe that
      never will be. Who would want you working for them? You
      sound like an uneducated jerk. Let me try it one more
      time, if you think you can take the heat identify
      yourself. If you can not defend yourself keep hiding behind
      your email. You know what you are and your writing
      clearly indicates all of your short comings. Be a
      man/woman, identify yourself. Let the people at MCY know who
      you are too. MCY has made a lot of people a lot of
      money because they have done an outstanding job.
      Remember what I told you long ago (if you can), the
      management of MCY has come from within. People that have
      done an outstanding job have been promoted based on
      the merit of their accomplishments. They have not
      been promoted because they have been there for years
      doing an okay job or complaining because of their
      greed. Look at yourself! You are an unhappy person that
      will never be able to change (unless you invest in
      deep therapy). You know what they say: "What goes
      around comes around!". Go back and read some of your
      postings and tell me that you would like a person that
      wrote such mean, angry comments on your management
      team. Tell me if the person that has such resentments
      could manage other people. No one owes you anything
      little man/woman. Keep these ten two letter words in
      mind: "If it is to be it is up to me." You are a person
      with lots of resentments and lots of anger in his/her
      life. There is a good reason why you keep getting what
      you get and the reason is "you". You seem to be the
      problem. Try to be constructive, try to understand that no
      one is trying to hurt you, try to believe that you
      are a good person and not a rat, try to do an honest
      day's work for an honest day's pay. Life is more than
      resentments and anger. Holcombe25 you really can have a good
      life if you are willing to make some changes. Yes even
      you can be happy (MCY has nothing to do with your
      unhappiness...look at all the people that use to be in clerical
      positions, were claims adjusters and supervisors that have
      been promoted to those positions that you are so
      greedy for. No one gave them those positions, they
      earned them! What have you earned holcombe25? A very
      rotten attitude is about all I can see.)

      yourself holcombe25! Be a man/woman! Get rid of all that
      fear, resentment and anger. Maybe you can have a happy
      childhood starting today!

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