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  • msmerc msmerc Sep 1, 2000 9:30 PM Flag

    first time postee.....

    Wow- board is quiet with all the changes going on
    at Mercury. MC and JM seemingly pushed aside, should
    do wonders for morale. All I can say is that the
    company better do something hasty-posty to retain people
    or come January 1, the resignations will fly. We
    already don't have experienced people, what will happen
    when the supv's and nego's leave for higher paying
    jobs??? Please Mercury, do something soon and something
    that will make a difference!! I like it here, but we
    have to do what is best for all of our families.

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    • How are the COR's in the other non-California states? Your post infers that the "directorship" of these states comes from inside the Mercury culture.

    • Excellent point!!!!

      Thank you!

    • In the discussion on Florida, you should take
      into account that this is the only state where the
      Mercury start up is being directed by a "director"
      brought in from outside the Mercury culture. The Mercury
      business plan is sound, but when the ledership of a state
      has not bought into it, and is running a quasi
      "Progressive" operation, .............I'll let you take it from

    • Agreed. I'm more or less not as interested in
      their short term results as I am that they are
      ultimately very profitable in those other states. I realize
      the market might not agree with me, but that's why I
      have the position. I think there's value in my
      assumption that ultimately they will earn above average
      rates of return around the country. If I am correct,
      not only will there be a huge spurt in earnings as
      they reach critical mass and start getting favorable
      returns, but I think the stock will be revalued to reflect
      those superior results.

    • passinthru58,

      Thanks for taking my message in the spirit it was given! (Are you sure Mr. J did not have data to support his statements?????)

    • the treatise on opinion/conjecture as it
      clarifies the situation greatly. Sharing views about your
      company not totally embedded in data is no different
      than, say, Mr. Joseph stating during the conference
      call that Progressive's profitability issues are tied
      to non-actuaries performing pricing - something
      they've been doing very successfully since the genesis of
      product management at that company. Thanks for the
      reprimand on the ills of being dogmatic. A good lesson for
      all of us, no doubt.

    • Perhaps! The problem is that you are putting out
      your ideas/opinions as if they are facts. You may have
      an understanding of the limitations of your
      opinions; but, do you have the right to put them out to
      readers that may not understand that they are just that
      your limited opinions? You are making your statements
      behind an an anonymous internet name. You can say
      anything, and the less informed might believe your opinions
      as fact. What credibility do you have? What
      accountability do you have? One might ask: "Are you just causing
      problems for MCY in an attempt to influence stockholders
      and employees in a negative way?" In other words,
      would your mother be proud of your motivations and are
      you? You can be anonymous, but the real players are
      aware of the games that are played or can be played by
      anonymous folks. Don't take advantage of those that do not!
      "Insight" and "conjecture" are just other words for
      opinion. MCY "stakeholders" have built their investments
      on a long history of good management and profit: Not
      opinion. And those that have really profited from MCY have
      been around for a long time and are still making money
      because of the management of the company.

    • underscore the challenges that Mercury faces are
      contained in the non-California COR's. I'd be more than
      happy to read your thoughts as to what I misinterpreted
      or misconstrued from either the conference call or
      the discussions with some of your company's Florida
      agents. Feel free to minimize my insight and conjecture -
      it's possible that many of MCY's stakeholders have
      built their opinions and investments on less.

    • passinthru58,

      You got it wrong! I said,
      "Where are the data to support your opinion?" That's not
      judgement, that is a direct question to determine if the
      comments represent opinion (i.e., bias judgement) or data
      based (i.e., objective). What makes you THINK I have
      not listened to the analyst's call or talked to
      Florida agents? Or is it your OPINION that I have not?

    • to listen to the analyst's call and talk to a couple of Florida agents before you pass judgement. Then again, why let data cloud your opinion.

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