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  • passinthru58 passinthru58 Oct 20, 2000 11:59 AM Flag

    Any acquisition activities?

    The timing seems very right, and certain carriers would seem interested in buying Mercury.

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    • We're going thru a storm because our employees
      aren't strong and that's the basis for a successful
      company. We have a huge turnover rate and I've never seen
      the moral so low in the long term employees. I know
      this is a problem with many business', though, due to
      the unemployment rate. I have seen it getting better
      in the past month though. Let's hope that trend

    • What "storm"? MCY is not "strong"?

    • Thanks for the responses. I knew there were good
      people out there somewhere that love this company as
      much as I do. Gal2, I think part of the problem is the
      supervisors attitude. These adjusters are only in training
      for 6 weeks and then have a high pending within 6
      months. A supervisor HAS to help them along for awhile. I
      mail out checks, match mail for adjusters, set
      inspections, GLADLY handle calls that can't get through to
      adjusters and in return I've had 5 excellent employees that
      have been with me for a year and all had high audits.
      Let's hope the company can withstand this storm and
      remain strong in the industry.

    • Just do your best to help out your employees. For example, maybe help them mail out their dictated letters, etc.

    • Yes! Stop being so negative about the company.
      You must be aware that management is working hard to
      hire more people. You are in Orange County and the
      unemployeement rate is very low. Think about the population that
      the company has to select from at this time. It is
      not all about money. It is also about a person's
      future. Look around you. Who has been promoted to upper
      management? Former supervisors and managers that have worked
      hard for the company and for themselves and their
      families. MCY is growing and it will have the pains that
      come from growth. You ( as a person that will grow
      with the company) need to be part of the solution.
      Place you energy in building up that good company (by
      the way, companies are companies only because of the
      company of people).

      It is a rough business. But
      MCY has been well managed and has one of the BEST
      claims departments in the business. You sound like a
      bright person, make your good suggestions to management.
      Don't ask them questions, give them your take on the
      solution. I will bet that they will listen and view you as
      an important asset (so will the people that work for

      Peace, love, truth and honesty,


    • Well I've sat here for the past few months
      reading all these negative remarks about my company and
      wonder when is someone going to make some suggestions to
      help. I've worked for 3 different insurance companies
      in my life time and Mercury is by far the best in
      all aspects. I would like to keep it that way.
      can only speak for the claims dept. but we are having
      some tough problems trying to keep the moral of our
      employees up as well as keep the strongest ones employed
      with Mercury. My workers are getting over 60 new files
      a month, 20 more than the norm. Customer service
      has to be our main concern at this time, not getting
      new business. Any helpful hints?

    • mcyguy (bye-the-bye; with your negative comments,
      the use of the name "mcyguy" is an insult to the good
      people that founded and run the company! Might I
      suggest: "mcybegone").

      The wisdom comes from
      knowing when one is interested only in rumor and not
      sharing important information relative to the future of a
      company/stock. A subtle way to start a rumor, when one is
      attempting to affect the less well informed, is to ask a
      pointed question in an effort to make others "think" you
      have information they do not have. That appears to
      have been exactly what was done; but, you may not have
      the experience to know about such

      Sorry you did not get your raise, according to one of
      your last postings. Folks who whine about money stay
      "happy" for a week or two after getting a bit. Say, did
      only folks below manager get the salary

      While we are into definitions: Webster defines
      'opinion' as "a belief not based on certainty or
      knowledge." You might what to look-up the words 'belief' and
      'knowledge' too.

      Yours in truth, peace and


    • Passinthru has offered much in the way of
      information. On a board inhabited by too many disgruntled
      employees and ex-employees he is a breath of freah

      You don't know what you will get on these boards
      unless you ask. No harm in trolling for M&A info.

    • Ahhhhh...more words from the wise. Thank you for your thought provoking insight yet again.

    • Is this a message board that deals in relevant
      information concerning MCY? Or, is it just a space for idle
      and useless speculation? So far, all I seem to read
      here is speculation that provides no insight into MCY.
      Perhaps we could upgrade the quality of the input posted
      to this message board, which, in turn, would make
      this a far more useful site for people who want to
      gain some valuable insight into MCY.

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