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  • joemanagement joemanagement Feb 23, 2001 8:48 PM Flag

    bonuses- or rather the lack of

    I sure hope that when the Annual report comes out that the VP's and MC, and JM took the same hit as everyone else on their bonuses or there could be a mass uprising. The bonus is just that, a bonus. It is something not expected. But with such a dramatic change in what we have seen over the past years, we should all share the same results. I can't wait to see the annual report. I'd love to see responses on the board.

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    • He cares about all of us. Even AAA.

    • Do you think God really cares about Mercury Insurance? I doubt it.

    • "gramor"?

    • I know you don't want me to go through all your spelling and gramor.

      Also, why do you ALWAYS end up talking about political ideology? I really don't care about USSR or Cuba! I've never been on the government roles; furthermore, I can't stand lazy/slacker types. I point this out very well in my post.


    • Hey! This is your statement: "They
      treat EVERYONE the same. Most of the good employees make the same as the
      slackers! They're often promoted at the same pace as the SLACKER! This company
      donsn't know how to identify the best and the brigtest!" Can YOU provide some concrete evidence of this statement? Who has been promoted that should not have been promoted? What were the criteria for being promoted? (Is spelling one of those criteria?)

      You make statements without proof; seems like its just your angry opinion. Perhaps because you have not been promoted? What about all the folks that have been promoted? Do they share your view? Lots of people move after 5-7 years from lots of companies. Remember, there are just so many management position in any one company. Who would suggest that you not move on if you have a skill or talent that someone else can use and an open position that pays a higher salary? Remember, this is not the old USSR or Cuba! Its all about supply and demand (unless you are in a government entitlement program...which by the way may get you into a supply an demand program in the future...but you have to have something that is needed.
      BE HONEST!!!!!!

    • Hey, If what I say isn't true, then why is there such a turnover of employees. The premise of my statement is; that Mercury Insurance doesn't reward hard work! They treat EVERYONE the same. Most of the good employees make the same as the slackers! They're often promoted at the same pace as the SLACKER! This company donsn't know how to identify the best and the brigtest! That's the reason why there's an exodus of the 5-7 year choice emplyee!

      Oh by the way, it's gonna get ugly soon...I mean those bonuses are not lookin good this year! Bahahahahaha....


    • This crap really bores me. Bitch and moan Bitch and moan. If you don't like the job, quit. If you don't work for MCY, then don't comment on what goes on here.

      For clarification, the 4% "maximum" doc refered to is incorrect. The average salary increase for the branch is 4%, not the maximum. Some managers seem to have this misunderstanding as well. Top performers should be rewarded while those not meeting company standards should receive much lower - or date I say nothing?

      Thanks and God bless the United States of America and Mercury Insurance.

    • Boy, you hit it right on the head. I've seen field adj's who golf all the time. Supv's who work about 4 hr days. take 2 hr lunchs and then write up employees who are 5 minutes late from lunch. You forgot to mention the fact that there are always the good wmployees who get dumped on to make up for the slackers who don't do their jobs, but are never fired or diciplined. There are some employees who are taking 5 weeks of vacation a year but always have vacation time. Oh but we will be rewarded for our efforts come bonus time. Us hard workers will get $50 more this year for their bonus than the slackers. That more than makes up for it.

    • Clinton? What does he have to do with it? Are you suggesting that he is a wonderful person that we should all use as a role model? What is his own party saying about him these days? I guess you realize that if it were not for the Dark Blue Dress with his sperm on it, that Monica kept, he would still be telling us lies. But, what you don't seem to understand is that, just like Clinton, you appear to believe in the redistrubution of wealth. You know, take from the productive and give to the unproductive. As I have said, you get what you earn. What have you earned lately? Perhaps you need to change your name to: "thedctrisin way over his/her head" (That name change has nothing to do with Clinton or Monica), 'cause you simply don't seem to understand what you say on this message board!!!!

    • Sure those are the facts! Right! The question is were have ALL (not some but ALL) the people in management come from? If there is a dishonest person that is doing illegal things you should report him and he should be dealt with legally. But you have the responsibility of reporting any illegal behavior (like attending class when he reports that he is working). You too have a responsibility. If you all anyone to take advantage of the company you are just as wrong. But, maybe you are like Bill and will say: "I did not have any responsibility to report that women: Miss Lewinsky."

      Shame on you! You have allowed illegal behavior to go on and have done nothing about it.

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