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  • dangercentral dangercentral Mar 22, 2001 1:01 PM Flag

    MCY, Progressive, Et al.

    Insurance is a tough field to invest in, as no company is putting out any record breaking numbers. Warren Buffett has been complaining that State Farm being reckless by incurring higher than normal losses to grab customers. Sounds like business as usual to me.

    I worked for Mercury, as did my wife. She left for Progressive, and said it was a worse situation over there. I now work for an independant MGA, and I'm much happier. MCY pays substantially less than average (yes even more than 20% less) and touts there bonuses as the equalizer. This would be true if the bonuses weren't taxed at near 50%, and if they were not decreased yearly. However, I liked working there, true I left for the money, but in my experience, the job was no different than any other insurance company otherwise. My friends at MCY have told me that they currently rely on a great number of temp workers, paid about 25% higher than employees. That sounds right, as my current employer does the same. Fact is, if you leave you'll get more money, nothing will change. The claims are still there, and you'll be doing the same work no matter where you go. My wife wants to go back to MCY, I can't afford the pay cut. She thinks she should try to get higher as a temp worker instead. Why not, it pays more in the short term.

    Seize the Day!

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    • Honey Bunch,

      Obviously you are not thinking about it! If a lowly claims adjuster has access, you, a supervisor, certainly would. Duh! See, yet agin, you are wrong.

      >You seem to think that reality is in your mind. It is not!! It is only make believe.

      What is that? You STILL have not confirmed or denied. Have I hit to close to the mark. My co-workers would like to know if you took a 66% decrease in YOUR bonus this year? I bet you didn't.

      Boxes Not Necessary.
      Footprint is still the same as always.



      P.S. You really need to start thinking more before you make your posts.

    • Mar is that you out there? Have you changed your name?

    • Sweetie,

      Do supervisors have access to the web? Can they sit around and respond to your negative posts during a work day? Think about it! See, yet again, you are wrong. You seem to think that reality is in your mind. It is not!! It is only make believe. Do you need any boxes?

      Watch that footprint!!!!

    • Why would I? You're still evading. You have yet to confirm or deny anything. Why the hiding?

      Talk to you soon,

      Sweet Woogins

    • Whatever?

    • You keep getting it wrong! Why don't you leave today? Why do you continue in such a bad place? Remember, unless you change there will be no change!!

      Love and kisses Sweetie

    • "Whatever?" Again, a very silly response. I have been reading your posts and I think too that you are very unhappy. In your last post you said you were leaving MCY but you are spending time on the computer during work hours. That is not an honest thing to be doing. You should busy yourself with honest work. Your karma seems very bad! Please find happiness and free yourself from this bad karma.

      Shalom and Shalom

    • Whatever?

    • "Mercury is basically a cheap insurance company, that sells cheap premiums to naive
      consumers, gives cheap service to the "THEN pist off customers", and pays its employees cheap compensation."

      Uh, when did I write this? Check your post again buddy. That wasn't me. By the way, I have never changed my board name. You can accuse all you want. Your rhetoric does sound like you have used a few though, but I will have to assume that intoins is your only one.

      Let's look at your posts, starting with your most recent.

      >Have you ever heard that old saying: "One >rotten apple can ..." Think about it and >think about who that rotten apple is

      >It about your free floating anxiety and you >mean spirit!

      By the way, my co-workers noticed you were extremely angry on this one. You made a lot of grammatical errors on this post. Calm Down.

      >you have no thankfulness in your heart or >understanding of human behavior

      >How about a person that is amazed that any >company would keep someone that whines all >the time

      >Well, I would say that the above talks of >you! Busybody is right.

      >You are surrounded by darkness, aren't you?

      This is the short list of your hate mail. You have started a battle you cannot win. My main point, which you have never acknowledged, is that the employees are free to to do what they will and better their positions when they can. You also never acknowledged my prior post regarding your ability to comment of situations which you supposedly have never been a part of. You are a supervisor aren't you. You don't need to hide, you won't be "discovered" by your employees. You say that money is not an issue yet you claim to have profited from MCY. You have money, and apparently don't want to see others get any as well. There's enough to go around. Calm Down.

      To tell you the truth. You astound me. You come back time and time again, spewing hate. It has been evidenced above. You call youself a Christian? At least I think you do? You actually have never came out and said it. Are you a Christian? Does the bible proclaim it to be your duty to bestow jugement upon others. Please let me, and everyone else know. I'm looking forward to your next post.

      >Sounds like the same old stuff from you >friend.

      Oh please, you don't know me any more than I know you. What I know of you I have seen in your posts. It is very revealing. You once said that to me. Check your posts.

      Aren't you on company time too? Yes, I am, I'm also leaving the company, and they haven't given me any new claims to work on so I do have quite a bit of time on my hands. That I will freely admit. I'm sorry MCY. You'll be rid of me soon enough.

      Unfortunately, for you intoins, you will not. I can sit here and respond to your posts forever. Primarily, because it gives the Mercury people in my branch great joy. It is like a soap opera. To be honest I kinda like it too! We've noticed how upset you've gotten and thrive on that type of thing. After all we are claims personnel.

      Don't be foolish. Your employees in Branch 27 don't know who you are, for now. Even when they do find out, will it matter to you? I hope so, for then you will truly be a supervisor.

      I slept like a baby last night, by the way.

    • "Whatever?" Quite a silly response. You must find that love I spoke of or things will not go well for you. Shalom comes with love Warcorp98.

      Shalom and Shalom

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