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  • inharmswayus inharmswayus Aug 12, 2001 2:01 AM Flag

    MCY R&D and MORE

    MCY looks good again from the investors standpoint since Mike Curtis was given a job in Siberia and PaPa George has again mounted his horse to lead the Calvary. But from the employees viewpoint, this company finds its employee-employer relationship founded upon the long historic precedent of slavery and concentration camp labor. Turnover is a major problem that upper management refuses to properly analyze. Some managers have big turnover ratios as do some supervisors. Yet these same people are better thought of than the ones who have good results but lower tunover. WHY? politics and protective cover. Some Managers do not want those who threaten their secure positions to look too good. Human resources does little to rock the boat. Young and less experienced are promoted because they will not appear as such a threat to managers. Mercury has too many who have been promoted to supv. and manager without proper experience. It is starting to show up in claims and material damage. It will have an increasing effect as time goes on. R&D is a joke. That may sound harsh but you need to see some of the things they do. The entire Dept should go and MCY could use or some other outside firm or a combination of firms and be way ahead of where they are now at much less money. But there are bright spots. PaPa George is a sharp CEO in many respects and the company is making more money again. The long term prospects? Very carefull analysis is needed. I AM NOT A DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEE OF THIS COMPANY OR ANY KIND OF EMPLOYEE. But I know many and have seen what is happening by feedback and dealing with many who deal with MCY.

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    • You can not kid us! We understand your problem and what you are, again, attempting to do. It did not work before and it will not work now!

      Look at the the history of the company and look at who has made it what it is. It is not the result of a single person but rather a large team of people with a vision for the future.

    • Sure! Sure! There you go again. Don't kid yourself about MC he is a very bright person that has and is doing lots for the company. Time for you to look carefully at the truth of what makes this company do as well as it is and has done over the years.

      We are waiting to see who you will attempt to tarnish next...sure we are; 'can hardly wait; you say the nicest things about people; etc., etc., etc.


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      • Shalom lechah Shalomyahweh. Your responses on this post are very defensive and antagonistic toward those who have posted some critical evaluations. If your posts are reflecting the attitude of management, then its time to unload MCY. Mercury is developing a reputation among former employees, auto repairers, and some other auto casualty companies that is not good. If they are refusing to listen and take criticism seriously, then it can only be bad for MCY. Forget what you think is being done right, listen and learn. BTW your R&D is really bad-very bad. The auto repairers that are useing it as part of your DRP program laugh at the errors but are also frustrated.

    • Last time I looked, employees(ie:trainees) were leaving for the money and not the inept actions of any managers or supervisors. Exit interviews time and again show the reasons are salary and not leadership discord. Some are leaving to become temps at $30 an hour and partial benefits, but they're going to those miserable companies (coast, r. moreno, orion, etc.) to temp. Other trainees are leaving for full time positions at those same companies yet some seem to drift back to us. I'm not sure where your info is coming from but Mike is not in Siberia, but maybe more like, oh lets say...La Habra... operationally speaking of course. Mike still has a vision and it's correcting claims issues that affect the bottom line. GJ is a great leader and his confidence in our R&D dept goes to show that the money there is well spent. Let's see what happens with Texas, NY, in the coming months. The rate increase will have an impact...time will tell.

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