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  • matadors69 matadors69 Aug 29, 2001 2:09 AM Flag

    hyperbole revisted

    The point of my last posting comparing attrition in marriage with corporate turnover was simply a reflection of our times. The era of working a lifetime for one company is over as it the notion of a longtime commitment to a partner. The bottom line is if you are not happy you are more likely to run from the problem then confront and change the situation. If one is not happy at Mercury please leave. Do it for yourself screw the company. This country was founded on life liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness. As a part time custodian even I tire of "I am such a victim mentality" that is often presented. Improve yourself, move on and quit crying.

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    • Your assumptions are astounding.
      1. Anyone who critcizes a company should move on.
      2. Any corporate critic must be an unhappy employee.
      According to this approach, nothing will ever change in a corporation because it is saced and those who see the need for change should not be there.
      May we be delivered from such sycophant corporate curmudgeons!
      This may astound you but I am not an employee of MCY. But I am an investor and shall continue to hope for "professional management" at MCY.

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