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  • dave_2bfree dave_2bfree Oct 16, 2007 3:29 PM Flag

    Lesson 2

    �I often feel uncomfortable studying the nature of life and man as though I were invading the privacy of God, unlike pinocchio who was content with finally having real life and just enjoying it, I look deeper into Gepeto�s eyes.� Dave_2bfree

    Today�s lesson
    Moving toward the greater good. Logic units,

    Language is a reflection of the sophistication of a given culture. The more sophisticated the language the more flexibility of thought and expression. By flexibility, I mean suppleness, elasticity, plasticity. I suppose I could say advanced or more sophisticated circuitry. From language came logic, from logic came algebra. Mathematics I would consider a �fine language.�

    Consider this in how many directions can the human mind go to solve a problem or resolve a situation. What is the experience and flexibility that you as an individual possess? Moreover, what is the medium that directs those thoughts, are they tied directly into your language capacity? What I mean by language here is the ability to maneuver in thought.

    Mathematics facilitates a structured direction in thought that may be more pure than what I call ordinary language. More than direction it becomes a network of thought aimed at anything from innovation to simple problem solving.

    To improve your own circuitry of thought you must employ my concept of accelerated experience. Well you ask what should I do first. My assignment to you would be for you to read and really understand something completely new to you,
    read something like a book on botany or study metal alloys, even if you have no interest in doing so. Something alien to you. And really understand it.

    Good Day

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    • Aside from the obvious actions of medicinal alkaloids, for example Rasagiline as a dopamine antagonist, and beyond what you might read in a PDR or research article what makes medicinal alkaloids so interesting.

      What properties do medicinal alkaloids have in the mechanism of action makes them interesting?

      In answering these questions to my liking you must make a mental leap and find the correct paradigm to answer this question.

      For example the current paradigms used in researching Parkinson's deal primarily with finding the various genes, cascades , upstream downstream etc involved and understand the genetic mechanisms in this disease.Can you think of an a novel paraigm that is not so cluttered.

      In a cascade arrangement why is the stimulus/response curves for the cascade kinases change as the cascade descends. Reactions can be steeply sigmoidal, why is this interesting from not only a genetic Paradigm but from a novel paradigm?

      What novel paradigm do you think I am using?

      Lastly and on this question I am skating on thin ice as far as violating the prime directive ( - ; Explain thoroughly the role and significance of Cu in studying Parkinson's.

    • Ergot and Indole alkaloids have such a wide range of medicinal use. Beta Carboline alkaloids are found in coffee.

      Albert Hofmann discovered LSD in 1938 while investigating ergolines. Bromocriptine is a derivative of Lysergic acid.
      Rasagline is an indole alkaloid derived from tryptophan.

      I personally feel that even better medicinal alkaloids can be found in marine life.

      Iron is very reactive and it scavenges for nitric oxide (NO).

      The antioxidant effects of NAC and glutathione in preserving NO are a critical component in stopping Parkinson�s

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    • Firstly let me say that I am impressed by BrainStorm and it's proprietary NurOwn(TM) technology. (otcbb:bcli)

      The discoveries made by Dr. Melamed and Offen at Tel-Aviv U
      are great. I would give them an A.

      They have followed through on one avenue to treat Parkinson's that is very impressive.

      I'm coming from a different angle to stop the disease cold.

      That's it for today.

    • DAVE,
      WHEN LESSON 3?

      • 2 Replies to noelbev1
      • noelbev1

        your reply bowled me over, succint and clever.

        i miss your messages of old, i never laughed so much and in fact printed copies to show at my cardio gym class (quad bypass '98). there is no doubt in mind that you originate from bronx or brooklyn because you never forgot the egg cream bit. i've wanted to send this message to you a long time ago and glad to do so now. too bad the average viewer can't understand the meaning behind most of your posts and they are the loser for it. for some reason your posts have been far fewer and more subdued and i hope this is just your disgust with the board and nothing to do healthwise.
        i also have been a long holder of teva and hold a respectable qnty and believe, like you, in it's future.
        stay well. stan

      • Hey Noel how RU?

    • If I can indulge you to conceive the United States Postal Service as a signaling pathway,
      How then can you send a letter to somebody far away and retain your privacy.
      You would use an envelope. Now lets say you want to mail a 100 dollar bill to someone, how would you go about doing that, most people would fold the money into a white piece of paper and then place that into an opaque envelope? Why? To insure delivery and disguise the contents from friend of foe. The address on the envelope is a signal, in this analogy it�s not to far out to call it a signal. Using an envelope you can get any code to the receiver.

    • You are thinking in one dimension you must expand your thinking process.
      I am disappointed that nobody has come up with a scientific language yet>
      And furthermore there is such a complete lack of integration in all things including science.

      Hypothetically, If I were to leave this planet and the human race asked me for just one word that would help insure there survival � that word would be integration.

      It's funny in every generation people and scientists think they are at the cutting edge and moreover think that
      just about everything is known about a given subject>>

      If you knew how primitive things are on Earth even at the highest levels of science you would be extremely depressed.
      Like I am now when I have to think about it.

      I live here with a beautiful woman, Carmen (again) who is a pretty savage. Her eyes are in my yahoo profile photo.
      She is so beautiful that I can forget about the world.

      IN NO WAY COULD I HAVE AN INTERESTING conversation with her.
      NEVER. But she has other gifts i appreciate. She cost a lot.
      Yes I pay for everything PLUS she gets spending money of about 1400 a week in cash. She works as well. She is very strong and proud, extremely confident and controling.
      She is always on her silver and pearl Blackberry yelling in spanish at somebody. She has a 3 year old daughter that is extremely beautiful and cute, that is her world.

      Yesterday we were driving somewhere and that remake of the song Killing me softly came on the radio , she often sings along with songs she likes and she has an incredible ability to sing. I sat there listening to her as the song progressed and she was so good and the song is so good that I had chills running through me --

      Good day

    • mejosa Oct 16, 2007 4:15 PM Flag

      Please go away...thank you.

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