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  • fomkristy fomkristy May 15, 2010 6:24 PM Flag

    Great buy signal.....

    Max is back saying to short it......

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    • Fine with me....

      I love to see you hang yourself, since you have proven YOURSELF to be the liar, not

    • I don't need to fella. You made the list on your own posts whether directed at me or not.

    • That's funny atty, considering that I had not even said anything to you when YOU basically mocked ME. Perhaps YOU should go back and look.....

    • Excellent!

    • So formkristy, who takes themselves too seriously? You made MY "condescension" list:)

    • Thoughtful, I am widely misunderstood:) Thanks for your post. I look forward to a civil discourse with "Thoughtful":) folks.What you perceive as "condescension" on my part is actually my frustration or tweaking of the REAL "condescenders". You'll see. I'm sure you'll agree that a review of my posts demonstrates no sense of being right. Nothing in the market is for SURE as you obviously know. As to "taking the board" too "seriously," I had to laugh:) Anyone who takes a Yahoo Board seriously belongs in a padded cell IMO:) Go back and sample my posts- I avoid "condescension" like the plague- in fact, that's why I started posting here after over a decade of mostly reading. This board does have "condescenion"-However, 99% of it is by the stubborn longs who are dismissive of anything perceived as "negative" about Teva. I've
      been long well over a decade as posted. It just happens to be my opinion that Teva MIGHT be in "danger" of one of it's historical corrections.Why else would it be selling off? It's a great company AND a great stock, but IMO, it"s in a possibly historical(once every 3 years or so) technical correction-or I could be wrong:) So far, I've been right-and as posted ad nauseum, I'd rather see a technical repair, pay a few more bucks before re-entering rather than risk Teva dropping another 10 bucks. JMHO.
      Many thanks for your "thoughtful" approach, but read mine carefully. If I "mock" someone, it's because ThEY are condescending. Have a great day. And rest up for Monday- might be wild:)

    • Well said, thoughtful.

      That's exactly what he did, and to take make matters worse, he has to call anyone that does better than he does a liar. Funny coming from a least I was smart enough to get out of the financial field long ago (as it IS filled with cheats, liars, and thieves).

      Anyways, well said and good luck to you.

    • atty- one more thing.

      I think that if we met " in real life" we would wind up being great friends.

      I sense that you are a very good person.

      Off to the sunshine!!

    • ATTY-

      With all due respect I think you take this message board banter way too seriously.

      I think if someone reacts negatively to another at times it should be taken as just that.

      Listen I am here to learn and hopefully offer some interesting commentary.

      I am hardly an expert in anyway.

      Just a personal observation--- You are obviouly a man with great knowledge and acumen. My knowledge of TEVA doesn't come close to yours. However at times I find that you talk down to people. Perhaps this is just my observation. Maybe it comes from the position you hold in your world., that being making very important decisions.

      In any case I think we shoould all agree to disagree, share information and continue making this board a meaningful experience.
      Thank goodness this borad is devoid of the lunatics that are typically found on these anonymous boards.

      PS In my opiinion TA is right until its wrong-loll

      Have a fabulous day!

      Time to go and enjoy this beautful day!

    • Don't believe in ANALysts.Almost always late to buy or sell..

      "Great to see me back"? Well, thank you.I don't hear THAT often.And I thought you pretty much wrote me off by several posts.I write noone off:)

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