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  • redshington_washskins2 redshington_washskins2 Aug 28, 2012 7:58 PM Flag

    Teva belongs in Israel. Fearmongering is absurd.

    Several people on the board present constant fearmongering here, and these fears are absurd. Israel has faced war and fought wars for many many years and it never stopped TEVA. Those saying to make it a US company are insane. That won't help the stock price. GROWTH will help the stock price. New successes will help the stock price. Replacing lost Copaxone revenues will eventually help the stock price.

    I wonder about these same people - After Nine Eleven, did they call for all US banks to be moved overseas? Did they email the IR of Citi or whatever bank is in their portfolio asking them to move the company elsewhere? Afterall, US isn't safe... right? Irrational thought processes. Not every company has to be a US company.

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    • This stock is the most under priced comapny in the market today in my humble opinion. I just don't get it, its like someone is just sitting on it almost seems like the treasury market in the US as we know the 1000 pound gorilla "the Fed" is sitting on the long end.... This is a coiled spring and some day we will bounce far.

    • The least they could do is let stockholders know
      that if something catastrophic happens in Isreal,
      they have the redundancies set up elsewhere to
      not affect company. All numbers say this should
      be a $50 stock, but here we are at 40. The cloud
      of being in Israel has to be lifted. Copaxone is
      not the problem with 2 more good years, so what
      else could it be??

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