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  • redshington_washskins2 redshington_washskins2 Oct 28, 2012 7:09 PM Flag

    Just another product approval. Ho hum.

    Now let's recount the good things that have happened over the past several months. 1. Copaxone successfully defended in court. EARLY Generic risk removed entirely. 2. Successes within Teva's pipeline. Always good. 3. Levin's first R&D purchase. 4. Biogen's BG-12 FDA review delayed by several months - giving Teva more time to accumulate Copaxone revenues, an extra quarter worth, before the new very serious competition hits. All pretty good, right?

    Notice how the market doesn't care and simply stays away from Teva stock? That's ok. It was like that for several years with Amgen too. Then when people realize later on what a screaming buy it is and how successful the company is, then they all try to buy at once, and look at the run Amgn has been on since last fall. All we can hope is that the steady successes continue over the next few years as Copaxone competition materializes and suddenly people will realize there was more to TEVA than just Copaxone revenues all along. Then we'll get our own runup. Meanwhile they give us a dividend. I feel bad for the s.u.ckers who got frustrated and sold Amgen due to a multi-year consolidation. A stock "laggard" like ours has become? That is a great biotech company. I also think TEVA is a great company.

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    • These are important points, however, all eyes right now are on Levin's December 11th presentation. This is without a doubt the reason the stock is stuck here. The market in my opinion is anticipating something above and beyond the normal rhetoric. Without trying to sound overly optimistic I would have to believe at this juncture it is going to be something above and beyond what we already know. I don't think Levin would squander an opportunity like this to just discuss what is already known. If that was the case then why not just do it on the conference call at earnings either this Thursday or on the 4th quarter. No, my guess is it involves something new we do not know about yet. I remember Petruchi (fellow board member) mentioned he believes it may be the company seperating the brand unit from the generic, this would make sense, but who knows at this point. With about 6 weeks to go we will know soon enough.

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      • I'm sorry, but breaking up the company to separate branded from generics is a truly pointless idea. The only place I've ever heard of this idea for TEVA is right here at the yahoo messageboard. And I've yet to see a valid explanation from its proponents except one of these "change (very radical change) for the sake of change" drama queen routines bemoaning the fact that the stock doesn't go up. That doesn't make it a good idea when the idea doesn't make sense and doesn't address any of the challenges TEVA faces.

      • I don't want to steal someone else's thunder. I believe I agreed something bold must be announced in order to instill confidence in this company and take away the uncertainty.
        someone more insightful than myself made the brand/generic separation.
        I do hope confidence picks up in this company, imagine where it would be trading if they
        would not announcing FDA approvals.

    • well said red i am with you on that - i have patience

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