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  • schwartzhymie Nov 16, 2012 9:00 AM Flag

    Now it's buying time again

    I tend to agree that there is significant value here.
    Nevertheless, geo politcal risk frightens me.
    On the positive side Merkel seems to be a sincere friend.
    I do not trust Obama and his base at all.
    I am long with trepidation

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    • Generics and the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) go hand in hand. Why has Mylan performed so well while TEVA hasn't? The trouble with TEVA is not President Obama. You Republicans blame Obama for everything. You even blame him for the stock market doubling since he became President. No, that's right, you give Bush credit for that one.

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      • I think you have things a little mixed up. Bush get credit? You're joking right? Four years later and Obama and his cronies are still using him as a scapegoat. Blame Obama? The guy only takes credit for things, he doesn't get the blame. Last time I checked they were blaming Bush for the extinction of the dinosaurs and even original sin.

        You can say what you will about Romney, but the man's credentials to be President certainly outweighed Obama's. We can't even get the truth on a terrorist attack, with CNN, MSNBC and the local news guys in his pocket the guy could probably get away with murder and not have to answer any questions.

      • dumsani79 you should drop the sani79 and just use dum
        obama had nothing to do with the recovery he is clueless, you have
        Bernankie to thank for saving us.
        but you do have obama to thank for this correction were in

    • I agree Obama is no friend and geo political risk is there, however six months from now
      i think this will just be a memory as all the times before. hopefully anyway it's sad what
      goes on over there.

    • So it was Germany that sent the missile defense system to Tel Aviv? I swear I thought it was the good old USA. Why did former prime minister (current Defense Minister) Barak say that cooperation with the United States has never been better? Netanyahu used to work with Romney, he likes Romney (God only knows why), and he wanted Romney to win (God only knows why). Netanyahu is not popular in his own country. I agree with Israel's retaliation over the missiles from Gaza but all this talk by you folks and others about President Obama not being a friend of Israel is just a bunch of malarkey!!! Wise up!!

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      • DO YOU BE SERIOUS?? TRY AN OPTOMETRIST. Obama undermining Israel & USA as best he can while you whistle dixie???? Good thing you not head of NSC, NSA, MOD, CIA, DOJ, FBI --etc etc -- ALL THOSE THAT NEED THINK AHEAD, DIG, UNDERSTAND, & CATCH THOSE COMMITTING TREASON - the modern Benedict Arnold.
        We are now in such a state as to make PRE-EMPT a MANDATORY ACTION -- can't wait for tragedy & clean up time -- ALWAYS A MESS PROVING OUR INCOMPETENCE.

        ATTEMPT TO GRASP WHAT MIDDLE EAST MEANS -- might help. CULTURE CLASH -- you like living, Arabs like dying --- leaders always sending OTHERS TO DIE, like OBAMA spending OUR MONEY, NOT HIS.

        This why HJ has 28 flavors

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