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  • luthers_student luthers_student May 3, 2013 9:21 AM Flag

    Dear Catholic - Please Read The Bible

    Jesus died for our sins because we were born into a sinful nature, Psalm 51:5. The reason he died for us is because we are born of the flesh and Romans 3:10-20 explains our condition. Now Romans 3:21-28 explains that faith in his blood is the only way to gain righteousness that is imputed to us when we believe. Unfotunately Roman Catholocism teaches man is only "wounded" at birth and faith is faith in what the church teaches plus works. RC's deny imputation. ALL Wrong!

    The market is and has been treating Teva like they are going out of business. Again, all wrong. I have a saying - and it applies to religion and the stock market. "It is not the truth that matters, it is what people want to believe."

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    • This Xtian nonsense doesn't belong here. Post something about TEVA or shut the trap, please.

    • I agree with all except your quote.

    • The printing press was not invented until almost 1500 years after Christ. Before then it was copied, by hand, over the intervening centuries, by Catholic monks and priests. Few others were even literate. Jesus did not speak Greek. The NT is necessarily oral tradition, all of it captured, at the earliest, starting around 65 AD, with most of the NT attributed to Paul and his followers...a man who never even met Christ. The books in the NT you seem to worship were compiled by Catholic bishops in Nicea in the 4th century. There is no Bible without the Church you are disparaging. Luther was a Catholic priest, incidentally. And while we do believe in works, it is because faith without them is empty. Jesus said love your neighbor as yourself. He did not say worship Him without helping others. Remember, paradoxically, that sola scriptura is not in the Bible, either. That was a Lutheranism. And lest you knock oral tradition, remember that your Bible is exactly that. The earliest Gospel was written 49 years after Christ. Try recalling a conversation verbatim from forty weeks ago. Forty minutes, even . Forty YEARS? Save your selective Bible quoting for Sunday school, rookie. And go read a little bit of history before someone ties your little brain in a knot.

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      • bulb195
        The Bible was written by chosen men (John 15:16) who were inspired by the Holy Spirit and there are thousands of ancient manuscripts that all say the same thing. Read John 20:31. As far as salvation by faith without works you are wrong as the Bible makes it clear in Romans 3:28 and Galatians 2:16. It is faith alone even though "alone" is not stated, it is the only conclusion you can come to in these verses.
        Catholics and Roman Catholics are two different groups and the printing press made it possible to spread the Bible message, but the Roman Catholic Church killed anyone who tried to educate man regarding scriptures as evidenced by John Hus, Wm. Tyndale and John Rodgers who compiled the Matthew Bible from Tyndale's works and all were burned at the stake. RC Queen Mary burned 300. There is a study that shows 50-100 million were killed by the RC church. You need to read history.

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    • luthers_student God bless you bother! I love the story about Jesus sitting in the sq when they want to stone the women , don't you? Have a great weekend .

    • thanks for the theology lesson. I don't need anyone "dying for my sins" because I was "born into sin". THat's just lunacy.

      God was all fixed to put people in hell (which the Jewish religion doesn't even have...did god forget to tell his chosen people about hell?), but then, since he's such a nice guy all of a sudden, he sent "his son" (who is really him) to "die" for "people's sins" so that IF they believed in it, they could escape being tortured forever. So he sacrificed himself to himself in order to satisfy a rule he himself made up. Makes sense. If you're insane.

      Religion is a tool to control stupid people by telling them they'll be tortured forever (after they die...what's the point of torturingn someone after they're dead?) if they don't do as you say and believe your dogma. But don't worry! Jeebus just gave you some brownie points for "witnessing" on a public message board!

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      • Kenberthiaume123 -
        Hell is mentioned at least 54 times in the Bible and the Jewish people were well aware of it as pointed out in Matthew 23:33. You are speaking without knowledge - Read John 12:48 and consider what it says. By the way, God of the Bible is three distinct persons in one, not one person in one. I will agree religion has been abused throughout history, but Luke 17:21 tells you where you stand personally and you have to ask yourself if there will be any justice in the end. You have your lifetime to find the answer, once you die it will be too late forever.
        Back to Teva - it is finally showing some life today.

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