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  • maxirnus maxirnus Jun 6, 2013 11:00 AM Flag

    Since Frost took over as Chairman of the BOD of Teva ·√ⁿ

    its stock price went down from $60+ to around $38 very recently - a loss to the Teva shareholders of... - well YOU can do the math!

    Is that a testimony of the market's trust in his success as a Chairman of Teva, or what!!!???

    Based on the above – it looks to me like his interests are more aligned into his private businesses (like Opko and Prolor) where the latter was recently bought by his Opko company (and Teva considered buying it too before that (but didn't – why!?)) and Prolor is located in Israel, but the good Doctor so skillfully had Teva (and its shareholders) pay the bill for his flights to Israel using his private jet plane - a $700,000 or a $900,000 a year bill (I don't remember which one) !!!

    Now – is that a talented Chairman/Doctor/Business man or what!!!???

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    • So I took a few plane rides?vat-vat vats wrong vit dat?

    • Now rest assured that the god Doctor could not do all of that just by himself without the voting and approval of his "very talented" BOD inside Teva – all 24 of them!

      They voted Yei for his requests and he voted Yei to triple their yearly salaries that they are receiving from Teva.

      And all these happy events took place and were all approved and done quiet recently in the year of 2012 even though the Tea's shareholders were crying all the way to their banks for several years now – especially since Frost took over as Chairman.

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