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  • cdmurray4 cdmurray4 Jun 7, 2013 1:36 PM Flag

    Make or break year for Teva.

    Now that Levin has entered his second year at Teva we should clearly begin to see results of his plan for the company. His first year was spent implementing his "new strategy" as well as putting into place a management team to execute his plan. For me, it is my make or break year as to whether I dump the company out of my portfolio or keep it. I am not expecting miracles, but I have to get more than just cost cutting measures and new management faces. We clearly need revenue growth and increased profit margins to resume. Hopefully, in the upcoming quarters we will begin to see as much. Good luck everyone.

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    • I thought you said in the past you already dumped your teva holdings.

    • Nice to hear from you CD. Good post. I concur.

      CD I think that we shall start to see good things coming out of Teva soon (as one anal-yst wrote just a few days ago – that Teva is facing some head winds in the short term but it is clearly and surly creating value as the days go by). From everything I read - Levin is indeed doing a good job at Teva and many of the incentives that he gives his people are performance-based which is very good.

      My only hope is that the huge perks and triple salaries that the Teva BOD and its Chairman Frost are so easily and greedily taking for themselves from Teva and its (poor) shareholders would have been performance-based as well. :) , and it is a shame that they are not. :(

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      • Good Morning Max,

        There are things which are in our control and things which aren't, unfortunately the BOD did what they did, so be it. Many times these heads of companies (just like government) forget they have a responsibility first to their shareholders, because without shareholders there would be no company. The government seems to forget they work for us, we don't work for them!

        Now, my suggestion Max is go quarter by quarter to see how Teva is doing. Levin has already laid the groundwork for his plan and according to him it is ahead of schedule. If this is in fact true we should start to see Teva turning the corner. Remember, if Levin doesn't want to lose credibility from Wall Street and shareholders he must be honest about what is happening. Since he has been in the game quite a long time and built a nice rep for himself I take the man at his word. In any event we should find out answers pretty soon.

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