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  • maxirnus maxirnus Aug 21, 2013 11:43 AM Flag

    Teva looks to me to be like a poor soul ·√ⁿ

    where everybody that can is sucking the life out of it till there will be nothing left to take.

    BOD members increase their salaries almost three folds in 2012,

    its Chairman that has so many other private businesses that may compete with Teva on the same playing field while Teva pays him a very handsome salary and also finances his private jet plane trips to Israel where he has so many of his other private businesses,

    and a CFO that while invited recently to speak in front of a large audience about Teva – was spending valuable minutes telling the audience about his "vast and important work history at other companies prior to Teva", not understanding that people came to hear about Teva, and NOT about the GREAT work history of that CFO.

    In short – everybody that can is sucking the blood out of Teva till there will be nothing left to suck.

    And the Teva shareholders are continuously paying for that sucked blood all the way to their banks.



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    • Max-you've been negative(rightfully so IMO) for a LONG time.Just sell it and move on.You're married to TEVA.

    • I have held a huge amount of TEVA for about 15 years and was in for around $3 a share. I used to love the 2:1 splits that seemed to come pretty often around the $60 per share range. Those days have been gone for some time now. I sold off a large number of my shares last year and just pulled the trigger on the remaining shares a few days ago at $40.

      Sorry to see this company leave my portfolio as it has been one of the best investments I have made over the years. Hope to return someday when the company actually begins to show promise once more.


    • You're the last one to jump all over the minimal 200 DMA kool aide wagon. I see developments. Get set because its going to take 2years. (of your complaining I suppose)

    • Max;
      Is just following the upward pattern from january 2013 up down up down but always in an uptrend. Ask "Bottomfed" ,he has profited nicely selling coverded call options and probably some puts too. Max we got your point either you are shorting (risky indeed ,short ratio 2,70) or you just joined " Bottomfeed" Option Musical Bandwagon". Both of you will have a Little surprise when we finally make it through the upper resistance..Teva has the conditions to do this with very Little down risk.(check the lower long term tramline,always upward)


      • 3 Replies to oedd1159
      • Never fails:)))

      • "Is just following the upward pattern from january 2013 up down up down but always in an uptrend."

        It is true. From $36 low to $38.20 low.

      • Oedd - look at what you have written:

        Teva "Is just following the upward pattern from january 2013 up down up down but always in an uptrend."

        What uptrend are you talking about oedd??? Look at Teva's price from January 2013 and also from over 7 years ago. If this is an uptrend then I am drunk, or you are.

        And you are also talking about "(check the lower long term tramline, always upward)" - WHAT STOCK CHART ARE YOU LOOKING AT oedd. You don't let the facts confuse you but you can't turn red into black by just ignoring the facts!

        Teva is less than $2 for its 52-week-low and you are talking to me about an uptrend!!!???

        And no, I am not shorting Teva, I long it. I am just disgusted seeing this BOD, their Chairman, their greediness and lack of good management and the very poor stock performance that is resulting from all of this. That's all there is to it.



    • I could add to that list above

      PR and community managers inside Teva and outside of it, both employees of Teva and private contractor that, IMHO have no idea what they are doing and talking about and their work is actually damaging the view of Teva as a good investment (just look at the Teva depressed stock price for so many years now) - all the while they continue to demand and receive not so modest salaries and large fees from Teva.

      So sad, such a sea change from the Eli Horowitz time of managing Teva and its BOD. This great man knew how to so efficiently run a tight ship, how to care for the company, its employees and shareholders while leading it from one success story to another.

      Where are those days...? Will they ever come back again...???



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